Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New Ideas...New Blog

Hi I'm Hazel, formerly of Accessory Addict.

As much as I loved my Accessory Addict blog, it just wasn't working for me any more. I've moved onto new ideas and new projects and well a bit of a new frame of mind.

So let me welcome you to Disaster In A Dress! Let's start with the basics;

There is nothing particularly special about the blog title. It's part of a line from one of my favourite songs (Hot Mess by Hedley, if you're interested) but it's kinda relevant. We'll get to that.
I've been sewing a lot more lately, so this blog is going to be much more about that. I'm hoping to post tutorials, projects I'm working on, fabric stories and ideas from work (at the wonderful world that is Mandors Fabric Store) and maybe some other bits and pieces about me and what's happening in my life!
If I get the confidence, maybe I'll do some outfit posts. This is highly unlikely as pinning stuff to my mannequin works pretty well for me just now.
I'm still an accessory girl at heart, I don't think much will change with that. So you can definitely expect a post or two on my favourites and ones I've made.
Back to the name, well I suppose I make a lot of dresses, and I have the odd disaster along the way. So yeh, that's me justified it! Ha!

I hope you enjoy this new blog. I hope it keeps me inspired, sewing and updating regularly. I'm welcome to feedback especially in the beginning and I'd love for you to share this page about.

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