Friday, 13 April 2012

Frustrated doesn't even cover it!

So this has been my first full week off uni (other than the one assessment I've to finish) and I've only been working my basic shifts.  This has given me plenty of time to get properly started with my summer sewing projects.  Or so I thought. (Is it bad that I was seriously tempted to write 'sew instead of 'so'? Ha, I worry about myself at times!)

When I first saw the new patterns in the Vogue book, I instantly fell in love with V1289.  So much so, I ordered it from the States instead of waiting for the new book to be introduced here.  
When it got here I was pleasantly surprised at the small fabric yardages, 1.4m of 60" wide fabric.  With all that pleating for drape?  I was a little confused.  But it turns out the whole skirt is cut on the one pattern piece, which seemed fine until I started to cut it out.

I'm making my dress in a gorgeous Silk/Cotton digital print we currently have in the shop.
Its a little narrow for this pattern but as it doesn't have a nap, I decided to cut it out against the grainline.  Now I know technically that shouldn't be done but I've done this is the past and it makes little different in certain fabrics, its all about the weave!  But the skirt pattern piece is a metre and a half wide.  So basically I spent an afternoon crawling about trying to draw round and mark all the details of the pattern piece on one of the most slippery fabrics I've ever used!  I was soo frustrated!  And then I started hand basting the pleats.

I'm not even going to get into it, but let's just say it better be worth it when I'm done!  The only thing that's keeping me going with it at the moment is my love of the finished look of the pattern and the fabric.  I've got to admit though, the pleating gives it a gorgeous drape, so I'm hoping that it goes well from this point on!

Do any of you guys ever feel that way when you start a sewing project?  That no matter what you turn to, to do next, its hardship after hardship?  And what keeps you going?

(p.s. I have another confession on bad sewing skills:  I don't do toiles.  I've only ever made one.  I tend to make my linings first and fit them first.  Or I'll make the pattern in a cheaper fabric so I can still wear it.  I suppose it's just cause I'm not a fan of calico)


  1. Thats a great pattern! I can't wait to see the final result.
    Projects like that turn into UFOs... even if theyre not that hard, but I don't have something I need to finish it, or my inspiration wains.
    I'm working on one that ticks both boxes now so I have something extra for Me-Made-May!

    PS: I tend to make "wearable muslins" and they don't get picked apart to retrace. So far anyway...

  2. Wearable muslins are the way to go! I told a customer that today and she went away with a lovely purple linen look cotton to toile in, instead of unisipiring calico!

    I've not looked at the dress since Friday, but I'm in the mood tonight, so I might go and try to get my head around it!


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