Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Summer Sewing

Since its now April and the lighter nights are now here, I've been beginning to think about my summer sewing projects. This has definitely been helped by the thoughts of my summer holiday! Recently, I got the chance to make some garments for my work's window display. We developed it into the theme of 'Make it at Mandors'. Myself and one of the other girls made 3 items each that are currently up on display and making the window look really quite summery. I got to make a dress(V8615), a rain jacket(M6517) and a playsuit(M6083);

It was a rather strange experience making garments in a size 8, as I'm larger than that but all 3 worked out pretty well. I'd kind of forgot that I already had the playsuit pattern and hadn't done anything with it other than cut it out and file it away. So having just made it, I decided to make one for myself using fabric I'd picked up in Paris and had no plans for.

The pattern is one of McCall's easy patterns and is super simple to make. With an elasticated waist and cross over bodice, there is no shaping, darts or awkward curves to sew and the fit is very easy as it naturally shapes around you. I did have one issue with it though, it's a little too short for my 5'8" height and it pulls around the crotch. If I make it again, I'll definitely lengthen the shorts to accommodate for this.


  1. Hi how much material did you use for the size 8 playsuit?

    1. I don't remember exactly how much as I cut it off the bale as I went along, but I'm sure it was no more than two metres of a 45" wide fabric. If you google the pattern no, McCalls 6083 it should give you a guideline amount!


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