Saturday, 19 May 2012

Me-Made-May week 3 round up!

This week was fairly easy,  I had casual days at the beginning and knew I had a specific night out last night that I had the perfect dress for.  This week I've tried my best to link everything so you can properly check out bits and pieces.  Here goes with my outfits this past week.

For some reason I haven't taken photos of what I wore last weekend,  I just spend about 10minutes trying to figure out what I wore last Saturday and was coming up blank until I realised that the skirt I wore was put in the wash straight away! Ha so Saturday was a blue/white stripe cotton canvas that I bought last summer which was made into a plain pleated skirt, the same as the one in my tutorial.  On Sunday, I really didn't know what to 
wear and ended up only the jewellery I was wearing being me-made!  Although I'm pretty sure that's cheating!

Now onto to actual photos, when I remembered I had to document this challenge!

I had a lazy day in the house on Monday so it was jeans and tee day.  The t-shirt is made from a wool/viscose mix jersey remnant that I picked up in the shop towards the end of last summer.  I adored the print as soon as we got it in and this remnant appeared before I realised the bale was almost finished!  It's self drafted based on a comfy t-shirt I had in the house, but I made it a little longer.

I kind of forget that I have this shirt.  I think because it isn't something I would normally wear colour wise.  But it was the first Colette pattern I ever made.  It's quite difficult to get Colette patterns here (well initially anyway) so I was soo excited when I picked this Violet one up in a wee sewing cafe in Toronto.  The main fabric is a Canada purchase as is the contrast collar fabric.  I love the shape and ease of wear of this shirt, and Colette patterns are just such a joy to sew!  (I've just bought the Hazel dress pattern and have my fabric cut and ready to be sewn.  I can't wait, its my next project and will hopefully be able to wear it as soon as its finished and include it in MMM!)

I love this Simplicity 2152 skirt pattern, so much so, I've made it 3 times!  This was my initial attempt that I made last winter and I remember being so proud of my zip insertion!  I love the contrast leatherette waistband and pocket band.  I also really like the paneled construction of it.  It's made from another remnant (I do love my remnants!  But working in a fabric shop its soo easy to put the odd one or two away...everyday! lol!) from the shop and is a tweed weight cotton mix.

Thursday was another day at home, but i felt like wearing something nice.  Don't ask me why, I'm just like that some days.  The shorts are Kwik Sew 3854 and are the first and only Kwik Sew pattern I've ever made.  I picked it up in Canada last summer after being unsuccessful finding shorts in the shops over there.  I like that Kwik Sew print on proper paper rather than tissue as it makes cutting out so much easier, but it doesn't feel right cutting it out! Lol and sizing is XS-XL which means its tricky to get it right.  I've had to alter the fit at the waist on these quite a bit and often refer to them as Nappy shorts at the front panel is on snaps for getting on and off.  Having said that, they're really comfy and I think they look really good.  The fabric again is from Canada last year.

Now last night (Friday) was our Scottish Night With A Twist at church that was organized by the Social Committee which I happen to be a member of.  So I knew for a long time that I was going to be wearing this dress last night!  Its Simplicity 4070 and is based on the McQueen dress Rihanna wore on the X Factor last year.  I'm not a massive fan of red so decided instead of a McQueen dress, I was going to have a Macbeth dress!  I don't have a family tartan and this is by far my favourite!  I wasn't the only one who was wearing something I made last night.  The ladies in the committee were all wearing tartan circle skirts and some of the gents tartan dickie-bows!  It was an awesome night and we all looked wonderful!  (unfortunately I don't have a group picture or I would let y'all see!)

So that rounds up for now!  I think I'm quickly running out of new me-made items to wear so I might need to be an outfit repeater for a few days!  Although, if I can get through the pile of fabric on my floor, hopefully I'll have some new items to show you!

I'm loving that so many people are involved in this challenge and love reading and seeing fellow bloggers garments both those I follow and those I happen upon via facey/pinterest.  Hit me up with some links to help me out with my nosey-ing!

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