Friday, 4 May 2012

MeMadeMay '12 Friday Round Up no1

I was kinda torn as to how to post about MeMadeMay...I thought once a day would be overkill and that weekly would be better.  However due to a busy few days, I didn't really make a conscious decision!  So I'm planning weekly round-up's every Friday.
So here are my first 4 outfits of the month.  I have to say honestly, I'm beginning to think that it's more of a challenge than I thought it would be, but I'm really loving getting out all my handmade bits and pieces and working what I'm going to wear each day!
On Tuesday I went into town to do some shopping with my mum and aunt and it was a fairly nice day so I thought of this summer skirt I just made last week.  I love the dipped hem trend that is huge right now, so this is perfect.  It's made from the skirt of Simplicity 1881 and really cheap clearance chiffon we had in the shop a few weeks ago.

I spent the whole day in the house on Wednesday, and I didn't want to fail on the second day, so this super comfy skirt and tee combo fitted the bill.  The skirt is self drafted from a waistband I had and pleated in (it's the basis of my tutorial!).  I made this last summer from cotton from the shop.

I love this dress!  It really is one of my favourite items that I've made for myself.  Its Simplicity 4070 with a shortening of the skirt and the pleating slightly altered.  I've made this dress 3 times, but all in heavy fabrics, like this stunning wool I bought in Mood in NYC.  I bought it without a project in mind and after I made 4070 as the Rihanna dress(which you will see at some point this month), I knew I wanted a daytime version!

This dress I made last summer from Simplicity 3833, the 60's style dress (with some strange construction lines!).  I stockpile on patterns when I visit Canada as they are soo much cheaper there than what I can buy them here for.  I also picked up this amazing cotton twill whilst in Canada from Fabricland, Niagara Falls.  Fabricland NF is one of my favourite fabric stores.  I can happily spend hours in there going round and round looking at everything and they do some awesome deals, such as but 1 metre, get another 2 free!  That's the best way to buy fabric!
I've come to realise two things about me and my adventures sewing so far;
1. I need to stop making impulse things!  I appear to have never made basic items for myself, which caused me bother this morning when I woke up and didn't feel like wearing anything nice, but wanted to throw on a tee and a simple skirt.  So I'm going to aim to make more day time, casual, simple basics that will last me a long time.  Also with this, some things I made a while ago I find don't really suit my tastes at the moment!
2. My sewing has improved so much in only a year!  I pulled out a couple of things I made last summer, when I really started sewing, and was properly cringing at the stitching!  I mean some zips didn't really sit where they were meant to and apparently I didn't believe in facings!  So it all goes to show, practise really does make perfect!

If you're taking part, how are you getting on?  Link me your photos!


  1. Loving Friday's choice! And Wednesday (and Thursday and Tuesday!), I'm pretty sure I have some of the grey fabric lurking, waiting to be made into a skirt :)

    1. Thanks! I'm sure it will look awesome made up into a skirt, the only thing is that it's soo thin, you either need to line it or go for proper black tights! I just had a wee nosey on your blog, I love the buttons you got at the Barras, im gonna have to try and get down one weekend that I'm not working :)


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