Monday, 14 May 2012

Only a few days late

Ok so turns out I'm not very good a keeping to schedule! Ha

But this past week or so has been pretty hectic.  I had a little last minute/ impromptu visit to London to try and sort out my summer work placement.  I'm not going into details on here as I don't feel its entirely relevant, but I really hate how no-one seems to email you back...this really doesn't make much sense to me.  For the past few days I've been rambling on to anyone who'll listen about the fact if I'm ever important, I vow I'll email them back within a day so they don't feel the way I am just now.  And I'm not talking about small companies, I'm talking proper highstreet giants!

Enough about that and onto my week 2 MeMadeMay round up.  I'll begin with a confession.  On Friday I didn't wear a me made outfit (I'm hoping that I can counteract this with the fact I finished a quilt I only started the day before?) because of the aforementioned trip to London and that all the clothes I've made a pretty much cotton and I wasn't going to a placement interview all crushed from traveling!  Apart from that I had a pretty successful week and here are my pictures to show it!

 Remember last week when I was going on about the noticeable improvement in my sewing skills, well this is my prime example!  I honestly can't believe how awful some of it.  The worst part, I remember feeling slightly proud of this dress! Ha but I still love this little dress.  It's made from vintage print cotton from the shop and is an adapted version of Simplicity 2215.

This dress is a recent make. It's Simplicity 1877 and this amazing tribal style cotton print (that is a snip at £4.99m from the shop).  I really like this dress, the pleating in the centre looks amazing and is super flattering combined with the diagonal bust darts from the centre.  The bias was meant to be cut from the dress fabric but I do like a contrast so plain bias it was, I also added the bias strip and button to the front for some extra detail.  I kind of made it in a hurry as we were going to the Grand Central Hotel for dinner and didn't really have anything 'nice' that was me made.  But I love it and I'm definitely going to make it again in some fabric I have kicking about. 

This dress is exactly the same as the blue wool one from last week.  So again Simplicity 4070, with the change of skirt.  This time I made it in this awesome check wool that I got in Paris in January whilst on a Uni trip.  I really loved the Paris fabric district, such quality, variety and value in most places.  This wool was a pre-cut piece from a shop that only done pre-cut pieces.  It cost 20euros and then had 20% off! What a bargain!

This has got to be the most simple item of clothing to ever make.  In work we refer to it as the silk scarf top.  It can be made from two 90cmx90cm silk scarves sewn together at the shoulders and sides.  I actually made it based on my bust measurement meaning I only needed my length, so only 70cm!  I adore this fabric as well, its Liberty of London and is a Tokyo print (I can't find the actual name for it!).  One of the many reasons I love Liberty prints is the beauty in the detail and this is definitely an example of this!  Oh and is paired with my favourite summer buy.  A plain maxi skirt from New Look costing a purse-friendly £14.99!

I spent the whole day in the house on Wednesday, so I was comfy, easy clothes.  So this circle skirt from a wool remnant from the shop was perfect.  I love making circle skirts as they are soo easy to make and are really effective.  It also helps that I like twirling round in them and seeing them spin!

Another Liberty this week, this time a remnant I picked up in the shop.  I really love the vibrant red mixed with the blue and lime flowers.  I used my self-drafted pencil skirt pattern and cut it a little shorter as I only had enough for this length.  I kept the rest of my outfit pretty plain to let the print do the work.  I made this fairly recently, and was putting in the zip late at night an managed to sew into my finger.  So note to self, don't put in concealed zips when you're tired, its a recipe for disaster!

I'm hoping to be on schedule for this week, but I'm not promising anything.  The whole placement thing may get in the way!  How are you all getting on?  Share some links so I can have a nosey!


  1. I love your Saturday dress. So adorable. Sandra from SFO,CA

  2. I love your outfits, particularly Simplicity 1877.

    1. Thank you, that dress is definitely one of my new summer favourites! I just found your blog last night and I'm loving your MMM outfits too. Oh and your swap idea is awesome, I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Hi Hazel - just wanted to drop you a message to say hello and that you're my swap partner for the summer sewing swap.

    Love your makes my the way - you have great taste in fabric!

    1. Hi Helen, I emailed you last night on the address on your blog, hope that you got it.

      I've had a wee nosey at your blog and your mmm garments are lovely! I'll have a better look and start thinking about what to look for for you!


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