Friday, 26 October 2012

(Google)Reader Round-up #2

I really don't know where this week has  gone.  I had grand sewing plans and blogging plans and it seems like no time at all has allowed for either!

Buttt, now that Halloween is almost over and my current two uni assignments are due this week, I'm hoping that I can get going with all my projects!  I have trousers planned and have just (payday) treated myself to some stunning ex-designer navy wool/mohair from work that's gonna turn into Vogue 8804 aka the Claire Shaefer Chanel Jacket!  I also have some sewing to do for my mum as well as some other dresses and tops for myself, I think I've got enough to keep myself occupied!

In the meantime here's some interesting posts from the blog world this week:

1. Megan shares the importance of pressing and ironing all your sewing projects.  I know some people miss pressing but its only the hard way you find out that it really makes a difference!
2. Mood share their tips on working with leather, reminding me I've yet to make anything with the leather I bought there when I was in NYC last November for my birthday...let's not talk about my stash!
3. Sunni over at A Fashionable Stitch shows us how to use seam binding to it's fullest potential.
4. Guest posting on Rhinestones and Telephones, Silvia of Sewing Princess explains the dart moves she made on her Peony dress, which is applicable to lots of garments.  It's gonna be handy when I come to alter some bodice patterns.
5. And finally, I really recommend you head over to the Coletterie and read Sarai's post on perfect sewing...I totally see both sides of the idea.  I love the instant gratification of easy projects that don't need a lot of working but then there are other times I put some much work in and feel so proud of what I've made.  I like to think I work somewhere in the happy medium but with this Chanel jacket project in my future, I know I'm going to put the work so it is a piece I'll keep forever.

What have you guys been up to this week?  Any exciting bloggy things I've missed?

As it's Halloween Saturday in work tomorrow, I'm planning on sharing all things Halloween tomorrow or Sunday...has anyone else made their costumes, if so what and how did you get on?

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