Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Saturday

Now I know technically Halloween isn't until Wednesday, but when you work in a fabric shop Halloween is practically everyday in October.  Even more so on the day we lovingly refer to as Halloween Saturday!  Halloween Saturday is pretty much the busiest day of the year for us and the most fun.  The best way I can explain it is like when you had a non-uniform day at school...we all dress up in our Mandors fabric made Halloween Costumes and have a fun day with customers giving us interesting looks and asking us what we're up to.  Everyone makes and effort and, lets be honest, we always look awesome!

This year I had two costumes of my own, my recycled Giraffe from last year and my new Ringmaster costume.  Last year we adopted an animal onesie theme and I ended up making about 8 of the same pattern in different animals using a variety of the furs and velours we stock.  This year, we had no theme and I found and loved Simplicity 3685 back in the summer and decided it was the costume for me.  I made the jacket using a black poly-cotton base with some amazing sequin spider tulle on top.  It was horrible to make since the tulle was stretchy and cut on the bias but in the end I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!

I've stolen these pictures from the Mandors Facebook page and I recommend clicking here to see what everyone else made!

I also want to share with you the costume I made for our head of department's little boy.  This was a mini version of our animal onesies that I made for him last year but it was wayyy too big, however perfect this year!  Rawr!

Lastly, and I apologise for the lack of photo in use, I made an Indiana Jones costume for my little cousin using Simplicity 3997.  The pattern wasn't really for Indie, but in the right fabrics worked out well.  I found the whip and hat on ebay and his mum assures me he loved it!

Before I started working in Mandors, I had kind of ignored Halloween since I was about 12 but being in a sewing environment has rekindled my love of dressing up and generally having a laugh and making a fool of myself for one night.  I now can't imagine not making an effort.  What about you guys, do y'all dress up and go out or are you making for wee ones this year?

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