Friday, 30 November 2012

(Google) Reader Round-up #8!

Well this week has been pretty good for me, its was the last week of Semester 1 which meant 2 hand-ins out the way and only 1 hand-in and exam remaining!  I also got my overlocker set up and finished a skirt for my mum with it and I can already say its gonna make my life a whole load easier!  I don't feel that I've made very much though, another cushion and I got some projects cut out which felt like a bonus!  Tomorrow night though is where it's all at, a couple of my friends are coming over and we're gonna sew up our outfits for our work Christmas night out (nope, you're getting no more details than that!).  So I'm sorry I don't have much to report or any exciting photos to share, although you can check out my last post on the easiest dress you'll ever make if you nosey back!

So here's a selection of what I've been reading this week:

1. Since my summer at Selfridges, I've had my heart set on working in a visual department, here Topshop share what one staffer in there's gets up to.
2. I've never used a Sewaholic pattern before, although I do adore the Cambie dress, but this jacket looks like it needs to be made for my wardrobe!
3. A Pair & A Spare share a super simple lace skirt DIY.
4. Tilly lets us in on some secrets from her recent course, a few of which I already do but more out of laziness than trying to be professional! Ha!
5. I've only started reading Peter's blog recently and I absolutely love it, here he discusses making vs. buying new clothing.

Since I technically have a little more time on my hands (other than those 2 last uni pieces) I've got some posts planned; sharing details on my overlocker (and how straight forward it is to thread if only you read the instructions correctly) and some completed projects!  Have a lovely week readers and leave me a wee comment to let me know what you think of the links above!

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