Friday, 2 November 2012

(Google)Reader Round-up #3

Wow!  It's been another busy week for me!  I've kind of just breathed a sigh of relief, Halloween is over and my first lot of assessments are finished and handed in!  I wish this meant more time for sewing but nope, still have 3 assessments and an exam to do before Christmas (which really isn't that big of a deal!).  I'm also super happy cause it's November, my birthday month!  I've always loved November, for reasons other than my birthday, the cold nights, feeling cosy in the house, Starbucks red cups and general creeping up of the festive period.  Ooh I can't wait!

I've managed to fit in some sewing this week.  I made another peplum top on Wednesday and a blouse for my mum.  I really need to get some proper photos taken of everything I've made lately so I can share but I'm far to addicted to Instagram to whip out my real camera!

In the meantime, here's this week's round-up:

1. Quite a few giveaway's happening this week at Megan Neilsen Patterns, So, Zo, What do you know? and finally over at Seamless.
2. Over at A Pair & A Spare, there's a handy idea for using up some left over fabric, which I always advocate when customers tell me to add on a little extra just in case!
3. I've found some inspiration over at Male Pattern Boldness for my Halloween costume for next year.
4. I'm intrigued to try out this tutorial for the perfect waistband at ByHand London.

So how was Halloween for everyone?  Did everyone make their costumes or did shop bought win over?

I'm off to start thinking about Christmas sewing, I'm feeling the need to make some bunting this year...I've never had the desire to make bunting in my life but there is some cute stocking fabric in the shop that would be perfect.  I also need to think if I'm making any gifts this year?  I usually don't but I'm beginning to think people might expect this of me at some point!

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