Friday, 9 November 2012

(Google)Reader Round-up #5!

Here we are Friday again.  This week has felt so much more chilled out thanks to the lack of imminent course work hand in dates!  Give me two weeks and I'll be back to frantically typing all day everyday!

I'm not gonna lie, not much has happened this week.  I made the peplum top I featured in my last post, went to see Michael McIntyre (who was obviously hilarious) and have spent my evenings the rest of the week not doing very much at all (other than read a novel, which I felt like I hadn't done in ages!) and I feel no shame at all!

However over in my GoogleReader there have been soo many awesome posts, I've had to try really hard to narrow them down to a few this week!

1. I've always considered fusing the most used patterns in my stash to ensure they last longer but never know how best to store them, thankfully Tasia shares an awesome idea.
2. Over on Sew Me Love, this post really got me thinking about zipper insertion. I mix between invisible and exposed zips as I'm pretty neat at both but I like the idea of hand-picked zips and will need to try it out in the future!
3. Every other month, I always head to WHSmith and grab a copy of American Magazine Threads and I love it.  Here Karen from Did You Make That? shares her thoughts on the magazine.
4. This post on Puu's Door of Time will surely help me in my next big project, my Chanel jacket.

What's been happening this week for you?  Hopefully something a little bit more exciting than what I've been up to (minus the Michael McIntyre show, which btw is coming out on DVD next week, go get it!).  I'm going away with my family for a few days this week so will hopefully have some outfit photos to share with you as I'm intending to wear some recent makes.

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