Friday, 16 November 2012

(Google)Reader Round-up #6

I had every intention of posting some outfit photos on Wednesday of the two outfits I wore whilst away at the beginning of the week, however I kind of forgot I was working and ended up with no time.  So I do apologise.  However here they are:

The first photo is of my beloved Gratacos dress.  Whilst we were on our cruise, one of the ports was my second favourite European city: Barcelona.  I dragged my poor mother way up past Las Ramblas and Playa de Catalunya to find the Gratacos shop.  Gratacos is my favourite supplier, they make the most beautiful brocades in the most amazing colours and I had my heart set on treating myself to some fancy fabric.  I was not at all disappointed! The store is a beautiful fabric boutique and I could have went wild!  However I settled on this brocade after deliberating over which colourway I preferred.

The pattern is a bit of a mash up of Simplicity 1873 and a self pleated skirt (i.e. I cut the bodice and pleated the skirt in to fit!).  I love this dress as its really simple but the fabric makes it special.

The second photo is of my fourth peplum top, yes Vogue 8815.  Look back to my previous post for a better explanation of why this pattern is awesome!  I love it with this skirt, well I really should since I made it especially to match!  I also adore this River Island skirt and I'm planning to recycle this outfit over the festive period.

So on to this week's round up:

1. I love this sewing apron!  I'm definetly inspired to make my own now!
2. Maddie shares the first part of her scrapbook and some interesting facts about elastic.
3. Tilly shows us how to make turning corners a lot neater, totally using this next time I make a collar!
4. I'm up for doing this sew-along.  I love a good pencil skirt and I could really do with re-drafting the pattern I done a couple of years ago.

This week's plan is to get back to my sewing machine, however I don't have high hopes...I'm out a few nights and its my birthday at the end of the week (I am not looking forward to being 22) so I don't know where I'll fit in the time!  I also have to get started on a big project I'm doing for my friend which will be well documented and shared once finished.  Have an awesome week :)

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