Friday, 23 November 2012

(Google)Reader Round-up! #7

Wow, another busy week!  Not much to report on sewing stuff this week, all I can say I've done is make a cushion, alter a skirt and start my quilt (When I say start my quilt what I really mean is cut my strips and join the first few together!).

I've decided to take part in the sew-along that I linked y'all to last week.  This week we've been thinking about our tools and potential patterns, if we're not drafting our own.  I'm going to draft my own skirt as I really do need a new pencil skirt pattern.  The original idea is for the skirt to be made in a tweed, however I'm thinking I might go for a cotton/elastane blend since I don't wear a lot of tweed.

In other news, my work is having a quilting night for us tonight so we can learn how to go about quilting properly and therefore make us better craft fabric sellers!  Got to admit, I'm quite looking forward to it and not just for the promise of dinner!  I'll be sure to share any handy hints we pick up!

So on to this week's round-up.  I had loads saved in my GoogleReader but it seems I only have three things to share:
1. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Maddie's blog?  I seem to share one of her posts every week.  This week its collar roll height.
2. I love a good pleated skirt and this lovely from By Hand London is super straight forward.
3. This time last year I was in New York for my 21st and totally fell in love with the amazing city it is.  My only regret was not spending enough time fabric shopping, however this blog makes more and more eager to return.

Since yesterday was pay day, I'm gonna treat myself to a couple of fabrics we currently have in the shop, a bright pink wool mix boucle and New York print jersey.  Both of these are for small(ish) projects which I hope to make up ASAP.  What projects do you all have going on at the mo?

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