Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How many peplum tops is too many peplum tops?

So way back, just before I went to London town for the summer, I done my usual and ordered some Vogue patterns in the online $3.99 sale.  This is my favourite sewing tip, order 3 patterns during this sale, pay the $15 shipping and your total works out at about £18 for the three.  Considering the dearest Vogue patterns are £14.75 each, I'd say that's a pretty good deal.  So in that order I purchased V8815 and it's turned out to be one of my favourite patterns!

Peplum tops have been super popular this year and I love them as they suit most shapes and sizes.  (Well proper bias-cut peplums do, I'm certainly not a fan of those ones that are basically gather fabric round a dropped waist, eh naw.)  So this pattern seemed perfect for me.  When I left for London, the pattern hadn't arrived but fortunately my parents sent the bundle down to me.  And I even had the perfect fabric for my first attempt.  When I left Mandors, I was gifted the fabric I had my eye on since it arrived in store.  It was this awesome Retro Cars print similar to the Prada print.  So pattern and fabric in hand I got to work.  I loved my top and wore it when my parents came down to visit.

In fact I loved it so much I made it again in a Liberty print I picked up in Liberty's sales, 3 metres for £33.95!  No way I wasn't having that!

For both of these versions I bias bound the neck, armholes and bottom hem which I thought gave it it a nice contrast and gave a nice weight to the peplum.  There are no facing pieces so it also meant that the neckline sat that little bit higher than usual which added to the effect.  Easy Vogue Patterns are so good to work with and still keep the little details that make them special, this top has darts on the shoulder to shape the back which is very subtle. 

Coming home with copious amounts of fabric, it was inevitable that another of these tops would be made.  I picked up this sparkly, sheer fabric in Walthamstow for £1.00m with no intentions for it.  Last week I was going out with friends and decided a new top was in order so I whipped it up in no time!  I skipped the zip in this version as the neck was just wide enough to fit through.  When I put began to put the zip in it made the fabric sag which wasn't a good look!

Finally, I made what is now my favourite version of this top!  We've had this brocade in work for a long time and I've always wanted it for something.  And on Saturday that something became the peplum top!  I'm going away for a family birthday this weekend and treated myself to this River Island skirt but didn't have a top to go with it, so me being me, I decided I would just whip one up! And Viola! V8815 version 4!  I managed to cut and make it up on Saturday night (practise makes perfect and speeds you up to no end eh?) and it looks fab with the skirt (I'll post some photos of the full outfit after this weekend).

I can see more of these tops in my future, they're so straight forward and easy to wear with loads of things.  Does anyone else have a favourite pattern they seem make over and over again?  I'd love to hear about your varying stages in use of the one pattern!

p.s. I apologise for the mixed photo sources!  I love my instagram dearly and very rarely use my real camera for sewing pictures these days!  I'm trying to revert back to my old ways but the lure of 'likes' always wins me over!  Follow @hazel_b_obv to keep up to date with what I'm making!

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