Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The easiest dress you'll ever make!

In work we lovingly refer to basis for this dress as the ‘silk scarf’ top, in that it can be made from two 90cm silk scarves (note: 1. it’s not compulsory you use silk and 2. 90cm is generous as you discover).  The idea is that you take your two scarves, stitch ¾ bottom to top on the side seams, then 1/3 along the top, skip a 1/3 before stitching the last third:

This gives a very simple oversized t-shirt shape.  As long as a drapey fabric is used, the side will fold in shaping the shoulders and a belt can be added at the waist for definition.  See super simple!  Unless you choose to make it from 2 scarves, there is no need for 90cm.  If you buy fabric that has a width larger than your bust measurement, all that is necessary is the length you want the top to be (for me this is about 70cm and I consider myself long bodied).  Again depending upon your bust measurement and fabric choice, you way need to narrow the width or it will be far too baggy, however that’s purely personal opinion and comfort dependent.

So for this dress, how did I change it up?  Well firstly I bought extra fabric!  I measured the length I wanted the dress to be and bought that amount of fabric, 1.10m.  The width was 1.5m meaning that I had plenty to go round my bust, in fact I took it in just a little as the jersey was very drapey.  The main change I made was to cut the top line as a diagonal and stitching it as above:

This means in the shorted side, the fabric folds in more giving an asymmetric, draped effect.  Super simple and really effective!  The fabric also makes the dress a little more interesting, you kind of want to find landmarks in the print!  It's  New York city print viscose jersey from Mandors priced at £19.99m which is more than I would normally spend on a whim buy, however as the construction calls for soo little fabric I figured it was worth it!

Now I can’t actually take credit for coming up with this idea, a lovely customer came into work, bought this fabric and declared that was her intentions for it!  So thank you lovely customer for sharing your idea and I hope you don’t mind that I stole it!

In other news, I turned 22 last week.  I always love my birthday (who doesn’t) and this year was no different!  I was a very lucky girl as my parents bought me an overlocker!  Technically it’s also my Christmas gift but it’s all set up and working and I’m sure soon I’ll be wondering how I coped without it!  I’m a Husqvarna girl through and through; I love my Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116 sewing machine and couldn’t imagine choosing another manufacturer for my overlocker.  We ended up getting the Huskylock S21, which is their middle model, (if that makes sense, not the basic and not the crazy fancy, complicated one) as the basic model was out of stock.  I’m kind of glad we did though, it came with a sewing table, variable speed plug and loads of stitching options that I can’t wait to figure out!  I was also fortunate enough to be gifted some money from family which I used to buy a Diana adjustable mannequin which I’m also sure is gonna cause me to wonder how I managed before!  I’ve already used it for fitting a jumper!  Both of these were bought via my work, I suppose I’m just really lucky that I work in a sewing environment and have easy access to these things or else I’d be totally lost about how acquire such amazing items!

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