Friday, 14 December 2012

(Google)Reader Round-up #10

I'm gonna start with a confession, I have barely looked at my sewing machine all week.  It's been sitting there, idly, waiting for me to take inspiration and make something.  But no, my life this week has been Marketing Planning and Strategy.  I'd love to tell you its cause I'm planning on marketing something, but alas it is for my one and only exam this semester.  Come 5pm on Monday I will be free!  And I cannot wait!

I've been keeping myself motivated by studying for most of the day and ending the day with trawling the internet for fabric and sewing inspiration and I have found a few new sites that I will be returning to once I've been paid.  As much as I'm fortunate that I work in a fabric wonderland, sometimes seeing the same fabric over and over bought by countless customers, it can actually leave you uninspired as you realise your garment won't be original.  So this week I stumbled upon My Fabrics an online emporium featuring loads of exciting fabrics, including ones we sell in work but in different colour ways!  Hello inspiration!  I have my heart set on these jerseys:

I also found myself browsing the Abahkan website.  I've never really looked on it before and I'm wondering why.  The have some lovely chiffon prints that I also have my eye on:

And finally, not a fabric website but a pattern website, similar in idea to BurdaStyle. Called Avantages It may be in French but a few of the patterns are totally me and I'm planning on making this top in the new year.  All the patterns are available for download from the website and are free which is always a bonus!

Other than these, I've been saving my usual GoogleReader links, so for this week, here goes:

1. ByHand London show us how to make some retro style tree decorations.
2. Maddie is at it again with some more handy tips, this week she shares how best to treat curves.
3. Over at the Coletterie, a good shout on a useful tool for pattern tracing.
4. And Megan shows us how to add the pocket to her new Briar top pattern, which I'm thinking I'll be applying to lots of tops!

So that's it, next week, since I'll have my life back, I'll try and share some more festive ideas and maybe show you how my work night out party dress looked on (super excited for our night out tomorrow).

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