Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Inspired. McQueen Biker Jacket (Vogue 8815)

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to use my sewing skillz (yeah with a Z) to make up garments that I saw in stores or by designers that I either couldn't afford or could make for far less than they were being retailed for.  You can read the full story behind this on my original post here.

Well, I've finished my first garment!

This is my McQueen inspired biker jacket.  And I love it.  My love affair with biker jackets started in 2011 when my aunt bought me a leather sleeved, wool mix DKNY biker jacket in Winners in Canada (think TK Maxx but better with proper designer stuff in all their shops).  The jacket has hardly left my back and I'm continually lusting after the many I see popping up on the high street.  For this specific inspiration I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when this picture popped up:

I loved the idea of biker jacket combined with a peplum (another love in my life, see here.) and figured I could give it a go.  I found the awesome brocade the day after and knew it was meant to be.  I used my faithful Vogue 8815 peplum top pattern and made some straightforward modifications;

1. I cut the back on the fold rather than allowing the space for the zip.  This meant taking about 1.5" out of the back for fit.  I kept all darts as they were.
2. I cut all the front panels separately instead of on the fold and extended their centres by 4".  This allowed for the over-lapped front.
3. I cut the 4" extension on the under panel off and placed one side of the zip here to create the off-centre closure.
4. I cut the full pattern out again in poly-cotton sheeting to use as a lining and drafted facing pieces to cover the lining for the front collar.
5. I roughly drafted a collar on the bias for the back collar piece.
6. I finished the armholes with bias binding for a better looking finish.

All in all it sewed up really well and looks like it could have been made from a real pattern rather than my own alterations!  It really does go to show that you can adapt patterns in your stash and end up with a totally different effect every time.  I enjoyed making this so much and love the finished look so much I spent Sunday at work eye-ing up wool for a winter version.  This one will be great come spring into summer for layering over dresses and tee's.  I wore it for a bit the other day for the photos and I was really comfy and it makes me feel pretty cool! Ha!

When I first started sewing I tended to make vintage style garments as that's what I liked at that time and got stuck in a bit of a rut that I couldn't make anything really fashionable and modern that my style was evolving in to.  To be fair the pattern books are good and offer a wide variety, but don't really contain any ground-breaking fashion forward patterns.  Following this make, however, I'll be making an effort to look past what's shown in the book and instead look at the basics of the pattern and think about how I could adapt it to make the way I want it to be.

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