Friday, 1 February 2013

(Google) Reader Round-up #15

Happy Friday!  And I'm back on time this week!

Again I've been pretty busy, especially on the sewing front.  This week I finished my Inspired McQueen Biker Jacket which I posted about on Tuesday, got fabric for and managed to sew up two Victory Patterns dresses!  Go me!  I'll be doing detailed posts on these not next week, but the week after.  Why the delay?  Because next week is Sew Grateful Week!  And I have posts planned for everyday including a giveaway and my top tips on buying fabric.

As a part of these posts from now on, I've decided to include some snapshots from week through the eyes of my instagram!  So here are the highlights of my week:

 1. My finished Inspired McQueen Biker Jacket 2. Collar Details of my latest Victory Pattern make
3. Starbucks love :) 4. ITV2's The Big Reunion and my love for 5ive.

And onto this week's links:

1. I love Tasia's Behind the Scenes post, it's a nice insight into her month.
2. As a part of their Charlotte Skirt Sew-along, ByHand London show us how to attach a waistband flawlessly, which I'm totally applying to every waistband from now on.
3. This list of Independent Pattern companies is such a useful resource to bookmark.
4. Another from Tasia this week, about 'A Little Less Inspiration, A Little More Action'.

That's it for this week.  I'm hoping you'll join me in Sew Grateful Week and I'm looking forward to participating and seeing what others will be posting!

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