Friday, 15 February 2013

(Google) Reader Round-up #16

I was all blogged out by the end of Sew Grateful Week which is why I didn't post a round up last week but  I really enjoyed participating in Sew Grateful Week and already can't wait for next year.  You can catch up on all my posts from the week here.  I am totally Grateful for my new followers thanks to the week (so big hiya and thank you) and for the many new blogs I was able to find and now subscribe to!  So since I missed last week this week, I will attempt to make up for it by posting an interesting mix of links!
But first of all, an insight into my past two weeks through the eyes of my instagram!

And onto the links!
1. Debi's round-up post from Sew Grateful Week where there are many blogs you should check out!
2. The amazing Maddie has just released her first pattern - Amerson!  It's an adorable pair of knickers and she's offering it to us as free PDF!  How awesome is that?!
3. Speaking of free patterns, DIY Couture have released a PDF book showing us how to create a Tulip Skirt!  If it's as good as the book then I can't wait to print it off and get thinking about it!
4. I love Meg's informative posts and as part of her Briar Sew-Along, she shows us how to achieve neat jersey edge binding.
5. I also love Karen's posts which are both funny and inspiring, here she talks about fabric testing (incase you don't trust the man outside Sainsbury's!).

That's it for this week, I hope I've made up for my absence last Friday!  As always, hope you've had a good week :)

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  1. Thanks for the links. Always helpful and appreciated!!
    I just discovered your blog today, and am following now.
    Your photos are fun. See you on Instagram.


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