Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Inspired. Oasis Dress (Simplicity 4070)

You might remember that I decided in January that this year I was going to start making things that were Inspired by garments I saw either on the high street or by designers.  This means using my skills to adapt and manipulate patterns I either have in my stash or can get my hands on (read: buy).  You might also remember my first finished garment was my McQueen Biker Jacket, which I love and has been perfectly integrated into my wardrobe!  Well I've completed item number two: The Oasis Dress.
 When I was younger, every Saturday my Gran and Aunt would take me into town for the morning.  We would start by going to Debenhams for tea and cake before we started shopping.  I was always allowed to look around Debenhams young fashion floor (and was sometimes treated to an outfit or two) and my favourite destination was Oasis.  I loved Oasis and always felt rather fancy buying clothes from there.  As I got older, my love of Oasis dwindled.  It just wasn't the same.  It was too girly, or too old and I suppose I just grew out of my Oasis phase.  Well, now that I pass their Buchanan Galleries store en route to uni, I often pop in for a browse and fell in love with this dress.

The website describes it as a boucle, but it's more of a heavy weight cotton mix.  I really liked the stripe and the shape but was put off by the £65.00 price tag.  So I figured I could make my own.
After I left Oasis, being early for uni, I went into John Lewis who were still in their sale period to look at their fabrics where I found this striped cotton.  Not quite as broad a stripe as the Oasis dress, but I really liked it and at £5.00m it would certainly do me!  I really like the subtly of the pink/grey floral in the stripe as you don't quite notice it at first.

My next challenge was deciding which pattern would be best.  I needed a princess seam and knew that Simplicity 4070 has just that but with a full skirt that wouldn't do.  And then I remembered, it had a lining skirt that wasn't full at all but simply A-line with front darts meeting the princess seam.  Perfect.
 I had to use the fabric against the grain to utilise the stripe (total rebel) but as the cotton was the same weave in both directions, this caused no problems.  The construction was straight forward having made the dress several times before.  For the waistband I used some leatherette I had in my stash and stitched it into the back seam.  I decided upon a lapped zipper and I'm pretty happy how it turned out for my first attempt.

So there you have it, my second Inspired garment!  I'm not sure what the next will be as I've not really been shopping lately but I'm sure that will change soon.  I really like how this is testing me by making me use my skills to adapt what I have and come to such awesome results.  I'm yet to wear this dress but know when I want to and will try to remember to post outfit posts then :)

What's inspiring you just now?


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  2. That fabric is so cool! From far away I didn't even notice the pretty little flowers.


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