Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sew Grateful Week Day 4 - Project

I wasn't quite sure what to post for this.  I've only ever won one sewing related item, which was recently and I blogged about it here.  However I really liked the Dove Fitted T pattern and knew I wanted to make it again so I chose this as my opportunity to do so!
This time I used African Printed Cotton that I bought last summer at Walthamstow Market whilst I was in London.  I really fell in love with the African Cottons, they're stunning colours and easy to work with prints.  They are also super economical - I bought 5 yards of this for £10.00.  I've already made up the Colette Hazel dress which I wore on really warm days on holiday and it was quite comfortable.

I won the pattern on ZoSews giveaway with Sinbad and Sailor patterns and was really grateful to them for choosing me as the winner as that giveaway wasn't a random win but rather based on our answers as to why we sew.  This gave me an instant boost and I couldn't wait to make up the top and got to work straight away on it!  As I shared on the post about it, I loved it!  It fitted perfectly and the fabric I used made up really well.  I've worn it quite a few times with great comments from friends about it.
All in, the second time making this pattern and working with this fabric has been awesome.  It took me just over three hours to cut it out and sew it up!  I love a quick project!  I omitted the sleeves this time to make it a little different and love the result.  I wore it on Tuesday to Uni and although it was snowing I just put a black tee underneath and a pink cardi on top and was perfectly cosy!  I know this will be a top I'll get alot of use out of this summer :)  I'm kind of tempted to use the remaining fabric to make some shorts and have a quirky suit, although I'm not quite sure what occasion would arise that I would need a quirky suit!

  I'm a big advocate of Indie pattern companies and anything I can do to support them in as must.  So I ask you all to check out Sinbad & Sailor and treat yourself to one of their patterns.  I think the Raven Shorts pattern might be a contender for the matching shorts I'm planning!

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