Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Night With The Royals - McCalls M6460

Sorry for the lack of sewing related posts last week but I'm back on it today!

A couple of Saturday's ago we went to a charity night at our Bowling Club with the theme being 'A Night With The Royals'.  The theme was open to could go as a member of the Royal Family (or Royale family if you prefer), a member of the Royal Marines or RAF, as a nurse from the Royal (Glasgow Royal Infirmary) or however else you choose to interpret 'royal'.  Me?  I went for royal blue, cause I'm not really one for dressing up!  I instantly knew that I wanted to make my dress and what pattern I wanted to use - McCalls M6460, which you may recall is the pattern I used to make my Christmas Night Out dress.
 Having made the dress before, and doing so in one night, I knew it would be a straight-forward project that would take no time at all, all that was left for me to do was choose my fabric.  One afternoon at work when we were quiet I had a look at what we had in royal blue in an 'evening-y' fabric and settled on Mystique Duchess Satin and the ever popular Tocca Corded Lace with the satin for the main and the lace for the yoke.

As anticipated, the dress was a breeze to put together, running it up again in a night, before I made a stupid mistake.  In my wisdom, I cut the top of the zipper off with the overlocker and thought nothing of it until I tried the dress on, zipped it up and took the zipper pull right off.  I couldn't believe I'd made such a idiotic move!  To make matters worse, I put in a concealed zip in, so there was no way that pull was going back in - I had to rip out the zip which wasn't an easy task on the lace.  However I persisted and took the zip out.  I went out the next day and bought another zip to replace it when I had the idea to just sew the back up and see how it looked as the dress fitted me with some ease.  And guess what - it worked perfectly!  I was well chuffed that I'd managed to get away with it, I only regret not thinking that first before going to buy a new zip (so I now have a 22" concealed zip spare, which is never a bad thing).

The McCalls dress is super easy in construction, the only awkward bit was making the sweetheart joint sit flat as the lace kept springing up, however with some serious pressing it finally lay flat.  The dress is  has 4 front darts, two back darts and the joke join before sewing the side seams, zip (or back seam in my case) and setting in the sleeves.  I took quite a bit off the length of the pattern as I wanted it to be a relatively fun dress and I'm happy with the length.

I love how the sleeves turned out also.  The lace I used isn't scalloped off the bale but has a net selvage that can be trimmed away which is what I done to utilise the scallop and provide a little extra detail.  One of the ladies asked if it was already like that or did I applique the scallop on, fortunately it came like that and I made sure to cut it out so that this would act as the hem of the sleeve.

Although I'm happy with this dress, with hindsight I would have chosen a better fabric as for some reason it looks crumpled in the photos and I hadn't been out or sat down before these were taken (and that's why there are no photos of the back!).  I know satin is a killer for showing off imperfections, but without the camera flash it didn't look half as bad.  This has definitely made me reconsider how I would use satin again in the future.

That wasn't the only sewing task I had to complete for our 'Night With The Royals'.  My mum recruited me to make 4 scarves and 4 bowties for the rest of our table, so everyone was co-ordinated.  For these I used satin back crepe from work and made up the patterns, let's just sat the bowties weren't real bowties but rather bows on elastic.  I convinced my parents to have their photo taken wearing them for blogging purposes, I mean it was the least they could do after my efforts...


  1. Cute dress! That blue color is lovely! Glad you were able to work around the zipper mishap. :)

    1. Thanks! I love the colour too, it's not too bright a royal :) and I don't know why I've never thought of playing around with/without zippers before!


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