Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show 2013

Or maybe this post should be entitled 'The Perks of Being A Mandorette'?
 Last night I had the pleasure of going along to The Arches to see the Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show 2013 as a sort of work field trip.  Each year Mandors sponsor the show and we are always grateful that the students gift us some tickets to come along and see what they've been making and how our fabric has been used in their collections.  This year was, as always, utterly amazing!  Personally I'm always intrigued by what our fabrics are transformed into when they leave the shop, so seeing how the GSA students have manipulated and worked with our fabrics is always fascinating for me.  And with my obvious first love being fashion, it's exciting to know that one day these students could be making waves in the fashion industry.

The show is split into 3 sections, with the 2nd Year Fashion Students up first. followed by the 3rd Year's and finally the 3rd Year Textile Students concluding the show.  I tried my best to get photos of everyone, although I think I was a little transfixed by a few of them and forgot (typical) and for blog purposes I've tried to collate them down into manageable images!  So here we go, prepare to be impressed, surprised and amazed at what the students put together (oh and click on the images to make them a lil bigger!)!
2nd Year Fashion

 3rd Year Fashion

3rd Year Textiles
Be sure to check out the Student run blog for more insights into their collections and links to other press articles they've been featured in.

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