Sunday, 3 March 2013

(Google) Reader Round-up #17

Oh here's a change to regular programming - I'm moving my weekly round-up posts to a Sunday night!  I'm just finding more time to sit down on a Sunday and compile my list of links.  I will endeavor to have them up earlier than this but y'know Mr Selfridge was on so I was otherwise occupied! Ha

This week's been a funny one, stressful at the beginning (oh hiya uni hand-in number 1) and really easy at the end which meant I had both Thursday and Friday to do whatever I wanted, and what did I do? Sew, sew sew!  I managed to get through quite a bit of my to-do list and I'm hoping to get them all photographed this week to start posts on them all!

So as always, first are some snippets of my life this week or so according to my instagram:
 1. Getting started on Chanel Jacket #2    2. I wore my Zebra dress out
3. I did a lot of reading for my coursework hand-in   4. I might have done a little payday shopping at work

And onto this week's links:

1.  I adore Sonja's "Oona Made Me Do It" Simone top!  I love the fabrics and how she's worked them together, makes me want to make the top version of the Simone pattern.
2. Jen over at Grainline Patterns has just released a new pattern the Archer Button-up Shirt and there's even talk about a sew-along! Excited!  I've never made a proper blouse but the shaping of the Archer is totally me and I'm always up for trying something new!
3. I know its kind of old news now, but are you on the Map?  I sure am!
4.  Anna over at Paunnet has interviewed the awesome Elisalex of ByHand London - makers of amazing patterns!

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  1. Thanks for the link love, girl! I SOOOOOOO love that zebra fabric, btw!


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