Sunday, 10 March 2013

(Google) Reader Round-up #18

So it's the end of another week, I seriously can't believe how quickly this year is going for me!  It's scary for me to think that it'll be week 9 of my uni semester tomorrow and that in like 4 weeks uni will be finished for summer other than my one exam.

So what's been happening this week?  It's been pretty crafty; I got my Chanel Jacket #2 made up which I'll be sharing with y'all on Tuesday, I wore last night and I really love my new version.  I went to Hobbycraft & Creative Stitches at the SECC with my mum and had a great time spending more money on more fabrics I totally NEEDED.  If you're feeling nosey or missed it on Friday, here's a link to my post about it.  And way back on Tuesday, I was FROW at the GSA Fashion Show with work.  So yeah, it's been busy, with both my dad's birthday and mother's day thrown in as well this week!  (Happy Mother's day Mutti, I know you're reading!)

Here's some Instagram pics of my busy week:

 1. FROW at the GSA Fashion Show  2. Hand hemming :)
3. M Rosenberg @ Hobbycraft & Stitches  4. Fabric Haul!

And now onto the links!

1. Scratchy zipper ends?  No more with Tasia's fab tutorial.
2. Holly over at Megan Neilson Design Diary shares a tutorial on seam finishes.
3. Are you Elisalex Dress Sewing-along?  Here's how to choose your fabric.  I've already got mine!
4. I love Gertie, and I love this collar shaping tutorial.
5. Meg @ Mood, I adore your bomber, you're making me super jealous that I can't spend my days at Mood amongst the amazing fabrics (although Mandors is the best alternative).
6. Maddie shares her tips for sewing bloggers.

I'm hoping I have a little more chill time so I can get on with reading for my big coursework piece - any tips on speed reading?


  1. Aww, thanks, Hazel! I appreciate the compliment. Would you believe I am now working on version three of that same bomber pattern?!

    1. That's awesome, I can't wait to see your other versions and be jealous of them too!


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