Monday, 1 April 2013

(Google) Reader Round-up #21 - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Monday y'all!  I've had the best few days, finished a big coursework handin on Friday, took Saturday off work as a holiday (went to a coffee morning, into town and then out for dinner with family) and had yesterday off as
well, having a big Easter dinner with my family after an awesome Easter Sunday service at Church.  Having those few days off really gave me some time to chill and get around my uni work without the usual stressing I do!  However it was back to normal today, in a work and home to get some patterns cut out.  I finally bought the Archer shirt (making a start at it this week) and the Tessuti Anita trousers to practice trousers before trying properly tailored ones.

In other news, I done my usual payday fabric haul.  I had to go to Fabric Bazaar at the Barras for a lightbulb and ended up buying some jersey and gorgette (at £2.99m who wouldn't?!) and then bought an awesome digital print poly panel and black brocade.  I'm gonna do a proper cutting-out session tomorrow night so I use my days off at the end of the week to get some sewing done!

This week I also took loads of photos on my instagram!

 1. Sewing Mail is always exciting mail - hiya new patterns!   2. Making uni work more enjoyable with my Lee from Blue Mug!
3. Big Reunion is my current love, roll on 7th May! Scott from 5ive and Lee from Blue are my ultimate crushes!  4. Easter Sunday bits & pieces
5. Simnel Loaf that I made for dessert  6. The true reason of Easter

And finally, I only have 3 links this week

1.  So excited for Me-Made-May 2013!
2.  Great little maxi-skirt tutorial, super easy jersey sewing for those afraid of knits.
3.  Totally jealous of Meg's second bomber jacket...!

What did you guys get up to over Easter?


  1. Happy Easter! Sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating! I spent much of Saturday cooking and then went to church on Sunday before a late lunch with good friends. Everyone hung around chatting until about 8pm, then I had lots of dirty dishes to clean before I could sneak in just the tiniest bit of sewing. It was a lovely day, but I'm still tired! :)

    1. Sounds like you had a lovely day! You're lucky you managed to squeeze in some sewing time, my family stayed til 11pm so it was straight to bed for me when they left!

  2. I do like visiting Fabric Bazaar for a look around although I never really see much in the way of decent fabric in there as so much of it seems to be furnishing fabric. I'll have to head there soon to see what they have!

    1. I agree they don't have much but some of the things they do have are lovely, I spotted some similar fabrics that we have in Mandors in different colours. I usually pop in for overlocking threads as they have a great colour range :)


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