Friday, 12 April 2013

Shiny New Leggings - Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants (Trousers?)

Since I'm British I'm gonna go with trousers...

I started following the Tessuti blog a while back, I don't remember how I can across it but as soon I started reading it I was hooked and added it to my reader ASAP.  Then I realised that Tessuti was an Australian fabric company and I started browsing, loving their fabric range.  Being on the other side of the world I'm really not able to shop there (I know it's physically possible, but I'm not a massive fan of international postage) other than their downloadable patterns which is exactly what I bought.

Just after payday, I bought both the Grainline Archer and the Anita Ponti Pant patterns.  I'm ashamed to say I haven't had a chance to start my Archer as I want to be able to take my time and focus but Anita seemed like an easy enough task; 2 crotch seams, 2 side seams, 1 under leg seam and elastic waist.  Boom, done within an hour!

Now if you look at the pattern, you'll notice it's not leggings but rather slim fit trousers.  I used a thinner jersey I bought at Fabric Bizaar that day I went in to get a light bulb and came out with 5 pieces of fabric.  This mean the trouser didn't hold it's shape well, so I took in the side seams and under keg seams and played about at the knee until I had what resembled leggings!  And I think they're fab!  They are soo comfy.  I only own one other pair of leggings so these are a handy addition to my summer wardrobe.

The fabric is some kind of poly blend, that I'm not going to be able to wash easily thanks to the glitter finish.  I'm happy handwashing them as I know I won't be getting them that mucky.  And for £4.50/m I'm sure I can cope.

My mum's now requested this pattern to be used for the trousers I've been putting off making her and I've got them cut out and ready to sew.  I'm also going to experiment with the pattern and see what other fabric I can use to make them up (there's a stretch cotton in work I'm eyeing up that could be a contender!)

Has anyone else sewn leggings before?  I was always a little reluctant too as they are so cheap to buy (hiya Primark) and usually I wear them under things rather than as a proper pair of bottoms.  But now I have totally changed my mind.  I see more leggings in my future!

(On a total side note, how awesome is the top I'm wearing in these pictures? It's a Forever 21 buy.  I love that we now have one in Glasgow but my bank balance sure doesn't agree!)


  1. Hahahaha! I have this same pattern cut out in a sparkly black ponte... great minds think alike? Hoping to sew them up over the weekend if I get a chance to finish my Laurel first!

    1. Great minds surely do! Can't wait to see your version! And your Laurel, excited! I managed to sew up another Laurel last night (love how quickly and easily it goes together) and another pair of trousers for my mum tonight, clearly I am on a roll!


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