Saturday, 18 May 2013

Finally...The Long Awaited Post About My Digi-Print Anita's

This post really should have been up a while ago, but I've not really been in the mood for outfit photos lately.  I don't even really know why I haven't been taking them.  Anyway, here's my long awaited full post about my new favourite trousers, my Tessuti Anita's!

I've worn these trousers twice now; once to work and once to The Big Reunion Concert at the SECC a couple of weeks ago which was when I took the photos.

I previously used a poly-mix jersey to make leggings with this pattern, but I made a couple of versions for my mum in stretchy wovens that worked out well so I figured that I could extend the use of this pattern beyond ponti-roma jersey's.  I'd been eyeing up this cotton/elastane mix in work for weeks, not knowing what I would like to make with it and then my non-ponti revelation made up my mind for me!  I tried ,y best to work with the print and get the most out of it and I've got to admit I love how these look!

I'm kind of tempted to make a matching top for these trousers.  I'm not sure if it would be too much, or just the right amount of quirk that it would work?  Who knows, if a remnant shows up in the shop I might just have to!

In other news, the lovely Emily over at Emily's Vintage Visions has nominated me for another Liebster Award!  Thank you lovely!  I've already been awarded a Liebster, so I won't be passing this on one, however I will answer the questions Emily set me:

1. What is your favorite movie to watch or music to listen to when your are sewing?
I always have my iTunes on shuffle in the background when I'm sewing so there's not really anything specific that I can say I always listen to.
2. What compels you to create something and where do you get your inspiration for projects?
I'm one of those impulse sewers.  Working in an amazing fabric shop, I near daily bring a bag of fabric home with me so it usually starts there.  I have quite a few go-to patterns so I can generally gauge meterages of what to buy.  I do buy patterns regularly during sales and usually have to wait to find suitable fabric, although there have been a few occasions where I've had the perfect fabric already in my stash and just not known it!
3. What is your favorite medium to create with? (e.g. sewing, knitting, painting, writing, etc)
Sewing, by a long shot!
4. What is your favorite finished project or favorite kind of project to work on?
Pretty much every project I work on is my favourite project at that given time.  There are some garments I more proud of than others and there are some that I'm glad are over.
5. Is there a time period or style that you enjoy more than any other?
Initially when I started sewing, I was really into Vintage styling but I've shifted to being a bit more fashion focused as my own personal style has evolved
6. What do you find most satisfying about sewing/crafting?
I kind of use sewing as therapy, which is a bit vague to say without going into too much detail.  I have a constant pain in my lower back but when I'm concentrating on something, the pain doesn't seem as bad.  This makes sewing perfect (oh and driving is good too).  Other than that, I love that what I make is unique to me and that I'll never meet someone with the same garment on as me.  Not only are my clothes unique but they fit me well and it's made me appreciate my shape more.
7. Do you have any insecurities regarding sewing/crafting/etc?
Not as many as I used to, although I'm always paranoid that things look stupid and really homemade rather than handmade!
8. If you make vintage inspired or period clothing, how often do you wear it?
As I mentioned above, I don't really sew vintage that much anymore, but I normally wear it either on its own, or simply with a belt.
9. What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Cheesy as it is, stay inside and sew.  Or watch all my Sky+ recordings!  I don't understand people who venture out on rainy days unless they have to.
10.What is your favorite food?
Marks and Spencer Honey Roast Ham!  Honestly peeps, try it if you're UK based, best dinner ever!  Or pizza from my local take-out.
11. If you could give any piece of advice to someone that you've learned about anything, what would it be?
That if you can sew a straight line, you can sew anything.  That's how I started, and I've never looked back!  


  1. Fun pants! You know, I STILL haven't finished mine-- they just need a hem and the elastic waistband and it's been weeks! I love the print! I bet you'll have so much fun wearing these!

    1. ooh looking forward to seeing yours when they're finished. They are honestly the best trousers to wear out and about, so many people kind of stare but not in a bad way! ha


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