Thursday, 23 May 2013

No Animals were injured in the making of this dress - Colette Hazel Dress

I made this dress ages ago, but since I live in Glasgow and the weather is generally crap, it's taken me until last week to actually wear it!

I bought this fabric back in February at Hobbycraft & Stitches at the SECC knowing that I wanted to use the Colette Hazel pattern - The pattern is obviously (not) named after me and cows are my favourite animal (don't ask, I'm not even sure why).  What better combination for a dress?  This fabric is from the same collection as that used to make my Zebra Elisalex, which I didn't realise until I began to sew it up and noticed the selvedges were the same.  The only awkward thing about these fabrics is that they are printed the wrong way; you have to cut on the cross grain.  With a cotton such as these, there's no need to worry about cutting it on the cross grain as the weave is the same as is on the grain.

I made a version of the Hazel dress last summer whilst in London using an African Print Wax Cotton I picked up in Walthamstow but I cut it far to large.  This time, I used a more generous seam allowance and it ended up fitting pretty well.  It's probably still a little big, but for a summer dress I'd rather have it that way so that it's more comfortable.  As we all know, I love Colette Patterns and I'm planning to add more of their designs to my pattern stash.  The only alteration I made to the pattern I made was to omit the gathers from the front waist and put in pleats instead.  I like how the V of the bodice meets the center of the pleats, it's not like I tried majorly hard to make that match! Ha!

As I said above, I made this dress a while ago and knew that the title was going to be 'No Animals were injured in the making of this dress' with the addition of 'Only the idiot seamstress making it!'.  I was using my invisible zipper foot to put the zip in the back of this as I normally would.  Now my zipper foot is different from most zipper feet.  Mine looks like this:
There's no protection from the needle on one side.  So there I was, sewing along, moving the zipper teeth out the way with my left middle finger when I got a bit too close, and yup, I sewed through the top of my finger.  It wasn't all that painful but it would not stop bleeding.  Like no matter what I done.  So I went downstairs to get someone to tape it up when I managed to pass out.  NOT FUN AT ALL.  Safe to say I left it overnight before finishing off the dress!  Anyone else have a good sewing injury story??  Apparently I'm now a real seamstress as I have a valid sewing injury.  I think that merits a badge of some sort.

Anyway, my productivity has been top notch this week.  I had Sunday off work and managed to sew up 3 garments, last night I made 4 tops and today I made 2 garments!  Not all for me although.  But you should expect to see them in upcoming blog posts from when I'm away on holiday as a few of them are gifts for my family over in Canada.  Tomorrow, the plan is to get a display bridesmaid dress made up for work so wish me luck with that.

What's everyone sewing up this holiday weekend?  I'm working all of it so won't be as active as I was last weekend!


  1. Wow, what a productive week! I'm now off for five days and will try to get a top and a couple of refashions done between family commitments. Love the cows!

  2. Ahhhh! This is so cute! I love it! My worst sewing injury was a few months ago when I was trimming seam allowances down with my shears and snipped into my index finger-- ouch! Now, if you could just lend me some of your productivity, that would be perfect! I'm recovering from a sinus infection and just don't have any energy at all!

    1. ooh scissors and fingers don't mix well! I've managed to do that twice at work, you'd think cutting fabric daily would stop you from those kind of silly accidents! I'm still on a roll with my sewing, whipped up some more tops over the weekend - *virtually shares productivity*!


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