Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Perfect Maxi Dress - Vogue 8901

It's Sunday night and I really should be posting a round-up post.  But I'm not.  Those posts have taken a momentary hiatus in lieu of me being really bad at sitting down to blog on a Sunday night.  I also really should be doing last minute packing type things, but I'm super organised and completed that last night.  So I sewed up another dress last night and a top earlier tonight.  I also visited Primark this morning to get bobbles and ended up spending £20 (cause a rain jacket and socks were obviously essential holiday items).  But enough about how prepared I am for going away tomorrow and more about the amazing pattern that is Vogue 8901.

I bought this pattern a few weeks back on one of Vogue's $3.99 sales.  They seem to be a regular occurance these sales, there's a $4.99 one on ending midnight tonight if anyone wants to add some new patterns to their stash.  It totally makes sense to buy them when they're this cheap.  I get 3 patterns plus postage totaling around $28 which is about £18.  3 Vogue patterns for £18?!  Yup esp when they're £14.75 each here.  So I bought this dress, a jacket and another dress.

  This dress looks a little odd made up in the stripes as shown in the website pic.  But I always go by the line drawing and this looked interesting.  There are no side seams.  Rather the front over-laps the back to create a deep V (scroll down I've taken an odd looking pic trying to demonstrate) which is soo comfortable.  That added to the large back slit and slightly over-sized shape makes this dress perfect for summer and pretty much any occasion.

I'd kind of intended for it to be a day-time dress, but let's be honest, it's really not.  I just need someone to invite me to an occasion to wear it.

I made it with some cheap polyester chiffon we have at work just now.  This stuff is amazing quality for only £2.99/m!  I bought 4 metres which I knew was too much, but I managed to get this dress and one of my new favourite tee's out of it.  It took about 3 to do the dress.  I pleated the skirt rather than gather, as gathering chiffon can be a pain to do.  I still think it looks fab though.

The bodice assembly is super easy and the lining is a dream to pull through!  You don't need to worry about the armscye as there isn't one so you can pull it through the shoulder and the only raw edges you have are those at the waist line.  This made the underarm look totally polished!

I lined the dress in a lightweight poly crepe to keep the dress light and only took the lining to the knee for the skirt.  I also made the lining closer fitted than the main skirt.  This meant only 1.2m of lining making this dress super cheap all in (I also had a staff voucher which made it all the sweeter!), only £11 plus the pattern!

I want to make this dress up in a lightweight jersey as I can only imagine that it will be even more comfortable than this and potentially be able for day wear!

As I said in my last post I'm aiming to update whilst I'm away so keep an eye out for some insights to my trip and the impending fabric hauls that are sure to happen!


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