Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Brocade Victoria Blazer

I really didn't intend to not blog for a week.  I had planned to get a post up last Thursday but life got in the road, imagine that!  Anyway, I've been a little slow on the makes this past week thanks to my little overnight in the Royal (one of Glasgow's lovely hospitals).  I'm not going to go into details as this isn't the place but let's just say for here on in I should be much more well on a regular basis!  The downside is, I'm finding both walking and sitting difficult at the moment, meaning I can't even use this time to sew :(  I did manage to get some things cut out yesterday.  And for something to take my mind off the pain, we went a mini road trip yesterday to the Lochcarron Mill in Selkirk, which will get a full blog post to itself!

Anyway, back to the AMAZING Victoria Blazer by those fab ladies at By Hand London!  I was fortunate enough to win this pattern over on House of Pinherio's giveaway about a month ago.  Had I not, there was no way I wouldn't have been buying this pattern anyway!  I truely love the patterns that By Hand London are coming out with (I've just ordered the Anna Dress which should be here any day now) and how straight forward they are to use.  I thought a blazer would be daunting, especially since the last jacket I made was totally involved, but this was so easy to do it only took me one night!
We'll ignore how white my legs are, k?  I can't wear anything around my waist just now ha!

The only fault I made was to not use a drapey fabric.  Although I do love my version.  I got this fabric in Canada during my trip to Queen Street West.  It's from King Textiles and cost a very reasonable $9.99/m and I bought 1.5m.  It's very crisp which I like as it's made the blazer have a good structure.  I had the leatherette in my stash that I used for the collar and lapels and the black poly-cotton I used as a lining was from my work.

When I make this jacket again (oh I will, I already have the fabric cut out), I'll be using softer fabrics.  The lapel and collar meeting point is messy as there's too much bulk.  Next time I'm using poplin for lapels/collar and cotton sateen for the main.

I'll leave you with one last picture of me wearing this blazer in real life, yesterday at Lochcarron.  I'll also let that serve as a teaser for the post I'm planning on my visit.


  1. glad you're feeling better! blazer is beautiful x

  2. Gorgeous! I love the print! But I hope you're feeling better by now (I'm mega-behind on my blogroll, whoops)!

    1. Thanks love! Feeling much better although I keep forgetting that I'm still recovering and can't do too much! Ha


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