Monday, 8 July 2013

Canada Fabric Shopping - Queen Street West, Toronto

On one of the days we were travelling between Tottenham (where one set of cousins are) back to Niagara Falls (where another set of cousins are) I managed to convince my dad that he wanted to go downtown Toronto so I could fit in some fabric shopping.  So we parked at Yorkdale and headed downtown using the subway.

I really love downtown Toronto, but I pretty much love the centers of all big cities.  The garment district area of Toronto in similar to that of New York in that it's only a few major blocks away from main tourist areas.  The area is situated on Queen Street West between Bathurst and Spadina.  We took the subway to Osgoode, and walked the few blocks to Spadina.  From the tube station, you can see the Eaton Centre so you're really not that far away as I said.  And as you walk along the street, you end up almost underneath the CN Tower.  The day we went was the day after the MMVA's (Canada's MTV video awards) and we saw the full set being taken down which was pretty cool.  Anyway back to the fabric.

I done my research before I left and found this site.  It was my guide for the short time I had.  We had visited the area before, but back then I wasn't sewing to the same extent as before so I hardly bought anything.  This time was a whole other story.

Affordable Fabrics:
I find it kinda strange that some fabric stores had fabric outside their stores on the sidewalk.  Imagine doing that in the UK with our weather, it would be absolutely disastrous!  But this store had just that and lured me in with African Waxed Cottons mixed into their outside offerings.  When I went inside, you could barely move for fabric, floor to ceiling, and only about a foot of walking space in the aisles!  But this shop was a goldmine!  There were soo many things I could have bought, but I restrained myself and bought these:
1. Anchor Print Craft Cotton 2. Print Viscose 3. & 4. African Waxed Cotton Prints

Trendy Fabrics:
This was one of the stores I went to before.  This time I bought only one cut, as I found it to be quite expensive in comparison to those around it.  However they had many fabrics that were of a slightly better quality.
Poly Print Satin

King Textiles:
Finally, my major win of the day.  This was one of the store I was really excited about and it really did deliver!  It was also my major fail of the day.  I walked around for ages trying to find it but kept coming up empty.  I had managed to walk past it as it was located on Spadina and not Queen Street West as I had thought.  This shop was massive, spread over two floors, and filled to the brim!  Even better, was that they had a sale on in their basement and with a flyer a guy gave me in the street for it, I got a free tape measure with my purchase!  I also have to mention that the staff were lovely, one girl Sherri, spoke to me for ages about our mutual love of fabric!  I tried to take some pics inside, but none of them done the shop any justice in sheer size and volume, I'm sure they had at least a million fabrics!  Considering all this, I could of gone mad, but time was running out so I grabbed a few things that stuck out.
1. Print Viscose 2. Print Chiffon 3. Floral Brocade

I only have one more fabric post for you to endure, which will be up next week.  Then I can start showing you the things I've started to make from all these lovelies! 

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