Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Way back in May, I posted about my sewing space.  Within that post I mentioned my Vintage Singer Sewing Machine and that I didn't know much about it, let alone the age of the machine.

Well, through the wonder that is this lovely little sewing blog universe, I've found out.  A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a lady called Marion Knight (hi Marion, thanks for getting in touch!) saying that she thought it might be a Singer 128k and that if I could read the serial number I should check it out on www.singerco.com.  And I've done just that!

According to the Singer website, using the serial number, I've identified that it was manufactured in 1936!  I can hardly believe that my machine is 77 years old!

Upon finding this out, I done a little more researching and found that it is a 28K model with an allotted date of 10th December and 15000 being produced (all this info was found here!).  That seems like a lot to have been mass produced for that date and when I look at those around it on that site, I noticed that the others were produced in much lower quantities.

I wonder how many of these are still about?


  1. This looks very much like the machine I have stowed away in my mum and dad's loft. Really interesting to know you can find this stuff out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, I figured if I didn't know these things then maybe others didn't either! You should get yours dated, I never realised mine would be that old!

  2. Still have (and use!) my hand-me-down... one I learnt to sew on dated from 23rd August 1937 (date stamped inside). *smile*

  3. Still have (and use!) my hand-me-down... she is tjhe machine I learnt to sew on and is from 23rd August 1937 (date stamped inside). *smile*


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