Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tye-dye Elisalex Dress

Up until Monday night we were still gripped by that insane heatwave here in Glasgow.  As much as I was off work, I really didn't get to see much of the sun as the heat irritated my stitches and left me generally uncomfortable.  However I had every window open in the house to create a through breeze and I was almost ok.  All the good weather had me desperate to get sewing but it was too painful to until last Wednesday when I made up this fab wee dress!

Yeah, so it's another Elisalex bodice with a different skirt type.  This really is my go-to bodice pattern, I find that the princess seams really suit my shape and that it's appropriate for many occasions.  This time I went for a straight forward gathered skirt.  I hate making gathered skirts as I always force it and end up snapping my gathering stitches, this time though, I nailed in one attempt!  What made me more anxious this time was that I was using a heavier fabric.

The fabric is a cotton one that I bought in Fabricland in Canada.  It's got a lightweight denim texture and is tye-dye to begin with.  It's actually a really good weight for this dress as it holds the shape really well.  I was a little concerned that the skirt may stick out a little too much but I think it looks fine once finished.  I chose to leave the dress unlined as I liked the weight it was.  I also didn't do I as I had done the last time and make facings, I simply hemmed it to reduce some bulk around the neckline using a double line of stitching (not with a double needle, but two separate lines.)

For this version I also added a patch pocket on the bodice.  To do this, I cut out an exaggerated pocket shape, folded over my seam allowances, trimmed, and top stitched to where I wanted it to sit.  So simple and soo effective.  The fact I made it a little larger means I can actually use it, my phone fit in it fine when I popped it in the other day.

What I love most about this dress is that it's summery!  The colours make it quite fresh looking and the fabric kept it crisp even in the heat.  These pictures were taken after wearing the dress for a full day.  Also you'll notice I've chosen another part of our garden to take these, it was a funny time of night and this was the only place still in the sun, and this one below didn't work out as well as I thought it would!

Hope you're all enjoying your respective summers and subsequent heatwaves!  I keep reading on everyone's blog about these and for once can totally emphathise!


  1. The sunshine has been amazing hasn't it?! Sorry you couldn't enjoy it to the full though, hopefully there will be a next time :-)
    Your new dress looks perfect for this weather!

    1. Thanks Nessa! And I know the weather has been great, I saw your pics on your blog from your holiday, looks like you had a lovely time :) I don't know about you guys up north, but we've had a couple of storms these past couple of days, I could barely see driving home today for the rain! Hopefully we'll get the sun back soon

  2. What a fun dress! I love the tie-dye look!

  3. Un-freakin-believable!!! This is to die for.. (oh hahah just got my own unintentional pun!) Love love LOVE it x


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