Saturday, 27 July 2013

Victoria Blazer Take 2!

I told you I had another Victoria Blazer planned.  And I got right on it!

 Can I tell you just how much I love this version as well!

As I said in my post on the first version I made, this pattern is amazing!  Its easy to make up and once done, it's relaxed and easy to wear with anything.  For this second version, I took a little more time over it and I think that this one looks a little more polished than the last.  One of the best things about the construction of this pattern is the collar and lapels.  

Previously when I made a blazer, which I never blogged, using a McCalls pattern it was the standard lapel/collar construction of setting in to the neckline and facings.  These collar and lapel pieces are set in between the shell and lining once made up.  This allows this pattern to be made by someone who's never ventured into the world of tailoring.  There's no fear of making a mistake in this either, as the instructions are well thought out and written!

This time, I used a stretch cotton sateen print from my work, you might remember it from this post?  Yeah, I'm planning on wearing it as a suit on holiday, I'll get back to you with how that goes!  This kept with the relaxed vibe of the blazer.  For lining, collar, lapels and cuffs, I used a cotton poplin remnant again from work.  I chose the gray as I thought the black might be too bland and I wanted these parts to stand out.

This time I omitted the pockets as I didn't feel they were necessary after my first version.  I was tempted to put a patch pocket on, but I left it out for now, who knows maybe if I make a thrid version I'll go for it.

The only mistake I think I made, was putting the cuffs on the wrong way, as the split now sits on the inner arm.  I don't quite know how I managed this, but I did, so don't make the same silly error like me when you try out this pattern, and I really hope you do cause you'll fall in love with it as much as I have!


  1. Nice one Hazel, it looks great! Good shout on the grey for the collar + lapels + lining - it does make them stand out from the main fabric really well. Have fun on your holiday! x

  2. This is so fabulous!!! I think that this is my favorite of your two versions-- the print is super cool!

    1. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last few posts :) This is definitely my favourite of the two as well!


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