Thursday, 8 August 2013

A shamless plug for the Mandors blog!

Mandors Blog

I mentioned in my update the other day that I was now blogging at work in Mandors.  But what I didn't share was that there was one niggly little thing about doing both this blog and that one: what content do I share where?  If I write a tutorial, I want to share it with all my readers (a big hello to my new followers, I've seen my follower count go up on bloglovin over the past few days!), or if I somehow manage to write really profound that is relevant to both blogs, who gets it first?  So far I've tried to keep the two separate with different content, but the other night I wanted to write a tutorial but couldn't bring myself to as I didn't know where to post it.  Which has made me stop and think about how I'm going to go about this.

And what I've decided is this:

Tutorials: I'll mix and match.  Sometimes Mandors will get it first, other times it'll be here.  This will likely be dependent upon where I get my fabric for said tutorial.

Makes: I'll always have separate makes.  Mine will remain as in on this blog and for Mandors I'll make for our mannequins or for displays.  I will, however, post a link to makes here if I feel that it's relevant.

Narrative: Again I think this will be mix and match.  Anything fabric related will be Mandors first, here second.  But other descriptions will be dependent upon the exact topic.

I hope this makes life easier for both myself and you as readers.  I don't want those of you who follow both blogs to have to read the same thing again and again.  Having said that, I'd love to hear your ideas for tutorials and things you'd like explained.  Send me some ideas and I'll get on it and post about it somewhere!

I would like to direct you to the Mandors blog post from yesterday as I'm pleased with the make I posted.  It was another Chanel Jacket (V8804), this time for a display.  Go check it out here.  And if you feel compelled to, click the Bloglovin' badge and follow us there!


  1. Cool! Somehow I didn't realize you blogged for them, but I'll have to check it out!

    1. It's only a recent thing. I've been doing a lot of marketing things for the shop this summer and hopefully over my last year at uni! It's soo tricky though when you blog and its not for yourself, I'm always worried when I hit publish!


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