Sunday, 4 August 2013

An out of this world By Hand London Anna Dress!

Ever since I seen this amazing Elisalex Dress, I've been stalking my local Tescos in an attempt to find the duvet cover used to make it up.  And finally my hunt paid off.  I could have easily bought it online, but as I'm a fabric snob, I had to see it first before I bought it and made it up.  The other week I spied it, above the for sale bed covers, so pulled it down and had it price checked; £4.50 for the single cover!  Yes please,I was having that!

So here is my latest By Hand London pattern make, the Anna Dress!

It caused great amusement at Church this morning when I happily stated that I'd made a dress out of a bed cover!  I'm fortunate that my Church family are so encouraging as they were all impressed by this make.  And I love it.  The pattern is, as always, amazing and well designed.  Those front pleats and front skirt seams are soo flattering and absolutely genius in shaping!

Since I was using a stiffer fabric I opted for the shorter version.  Although I love the long version!  I'll need to find a suitable fabric to get the longer version made up.  And can we talk about that split, hiya! Because of the way the pattern is drafted with the front seams, you can choose how much or little leg you want to show!

And the bodice is soo comfortable, close fitting enough to be flattering but still enough room to move about it.  The neckline is finished with facings which I love, as I don't know that I'd want to line the bodice.  I think, that like the Elisalex, this bodice pattern could be a new go-to bodice for me.  I used an exposed zip from my stash but in the future will use a concealed zip.  Since this is kind of casual dress, I don't mind the zip showing.

One last thing about this outfit.  My shoes!  I know you can't really see them well in the photos but I am in love with them!  I've been wanting cut-out boots since Christmas but wasn't up for the £85 price tag of the Topshop ones I loved.  Then last week whilst out shopping, I found these New Look beauties for only £24.99 minus student discount!  Hello new shoes :)

I'm keen to know if any of you have ever made garments out of bedsheets?  I remember seeing some awesome Dinosaur dresses a while ago, and obviously my inspo dress.  I know I'm certainly looking at duvet covers differently now!


  1. What a fabulous dress! It's seriously cool, and a bargain to boot!

  2. Yay, the galaxy duvet fabric spreads! (I made a dress from it too). Isn't is great? Your Anna is perfect for it! I'm eyeing up some cool New York map print duvets in H&M for another duvet dress...

  3. Thanks Katie! Just nosy-ed at your dress using the duvet, its lovely! I think I'll need to go check out the new york one :)

  4. I use bedsheets all the time! They make great wearable muslins and are so much cheaper than calico.

    What a find with this one, it works so well with the Anna pattern, definitely one of my favourites so far.


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