Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Eye Spye a Sewaholic Saltspring Dress!

After exhausting my range of By Hand London patterns, I thought I'd choose another indie pattern company and made up this Sewaholic Saltspring dress!  And I love love love it!

This is my first Sewaholic pattern, as I'd never really known where to get them at home and hate worldwide postage fees.  Then I found The Village Haberdashery and my bank account has suffered since!  It's now my go-to for all my indie pattern needs!

Anyway back to this dress.  I choose this random chiffon to make up this dress in.  I was bad an bought it from the Cotton Print Factory shop whilst I was there noseying!  Hah I like to know what other fabric shops are up to locally!  And this chiffon cost a grand total of £2.49 for 2 metres, what a bargain.  I got poly cotton from work to line it with and then started on the dress.

What's nice about this pattern is that there isn't much shaping in it.  No darts.  The blousing is made by the lining being shorter than the shell fabric.  The skirt is then attached and the elastic fed through for fitting and adding to the blousing effect.  The only changes I made to the pattern were to omit the zip and line the skirt.

Oh and can we talk about the straps?  I was dreading these as I thought narrow straps out of chiffon would be a nightmare, but no.  So simple.  I've binned my loop turner as I'm now fully converted to using a safety pin for turning through.  And I thought all my sewing gadgets were worth it!  Ha, jokes on me.

This picture of the back is crap.  It was really windy the morning we took these pics and the dress looks like it's moved when I've been trying to hold it down!

I can definitely see another Saltspring in my future and I'm tempted to get a few more Sewaholic patterns to give them a go!  I keep seeing adorable Cambie's all over the place and now I think I need a piece of that action.  What are you guys sewing just now?


  1. Very nice - I love chiffon but have never actually sewn with it. Thanks for sharing this pattern, I'd never seen this one before, and I think it is just the thing a friend of mine is looking for, so I shall send her a link to your post - and Sewaholics. Thanks Hazel.

    1. Thanks Nessa, they're really good to work with, I was surprised by that. The shape of this dress is soo easy to wear so I hope she likes it!

  2. Cute! This dress is really sweet... I'm very tempted by the pattern! Sewaholic Patterns are really nice, but usually aren't my style at all so I've avoided spending my money on them, but this one is awfully tempting!

    1. I know, I'd never made any before this and was pleasantly suprised! It's such an easy summer dress to wear, can't wait to see your version if you make one! :)


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