Friday, 13 September 2013

As seen before...

I thought I'd start off by showing you guys some makes you've seen before (and linking you back to the original posts) just worn slightly differently whilst I was away!  Really this was just a bit of a cop-out post as I really want to share one make with you before all the others and I still need to take photos of the inside! Ha

My Saltspring in Barcelona:

 My Anita's and Victoria Blazer worn as a suit for dinner on the ship - MY NEW FAVOURITE OUTFIT!!

My Elisalex helping me hold up The Leaning Tower of Pisa!
And here's the one fabric shop I managed to find open!  I was all set for a proper fabric binge in Barcelona but the whole city shuts on a Sunday!  Boo!  So then I thought, I'll binge in Rome, but nope, they shut over lunch for a Siesta and we would have missed the ship if we'd waited for it to re-open.  So I was lucky the day before in Naples I found this gem on a dingy little backstreet!  And what a find it was!  The staff were lovely and spent ages with me showing me their designer silks!  You can see the one piece I bought in one of these pics, but that's all I'm telling you just now.  I'll reveal all soon :)

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  1. Love the ubiquitous tower of Pisa shot! It has to be done! Your holiday looks fab an the silk looks gorgeous.

    1. Hah thanks Helen! You should have seen them...soo many and all soo amazing it was soo hard to choose!

  2. ooh sounds like a great holiday! Cheered me up seeing the sunshine again on this dreich night! Looking forward to seeing what you make with that silk too.

  3. I love that suit! It looks fab. That shop looks like a real treasure trove.

  4. Perfect traveling outfits! You look great!


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