Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mum's holiday dress - Butterick 5897

Back when we were in Canada, my mum picked out some fabrics at Fabricland (see this post) knowing that hopefully we'd be going on a cruise at the end of summer.  She wanted a couple of easy to throw on dresses that were light and easy to pack.  I left her looking through the pattern books and she choose Butterick 5897 for a daytime dress.  In choosing this patter we had quite a few options in length, sleeve etc and the added bonus of the 'separates' included.
As we walked around Fabricland I spotted this cotton, which almost has a linen-y look to it and I thought it would be perfect for this pattern.  So we went with it.  The yardage on this pattern is ridiculous, mostly due to the belt, so we decided it wasn't vital and I think we got about 2.5m which was still far too much.  It's a really great summer weight, with a little weight in it but light enough to wear on a hot day.  The day she wore this was our day to Rome (you might remember seeing a picture of the two of us in this post?) where the temperature was only 37 degrees celsius (sorry American friends, I don't do fahrenheit).

The pattern was straight forward enough, pretty much your standard shirt dress.  It does have some nice design features, like the gathering under the back yoke and front shoulder yoke.  The dipped hem also makes it a little more modern (not that I'm a fan of the dipped hem or anything, I seem to incorporate them into nearly every make! ha!)  I also like that the pockets have a top flap rather than just open all the time.

I'm pretty confident in saying that she liked this dress and totally rocked it on the day!

I made her one other, last minute dress to wear whilst away.  In work, we got a ton of Kaldor pieces in at the end of July.  I saw this awesome digital print one and knew I had to buy some for Mum.  We decided upon a simple shift shape and I took the Grainline Scout Tee pattern, angled it out at the neck and extended it to a dress length.

The fabric itself is a silky polyester which isn't great to work with as it likes to move!  But for something as simple as this it was no bother.  I have one panel of it left that's being turned into a square scarf for my Auntie.

I certainly getting more confident in my sewing for others.  Mum's requested a Victoria Blazer for her next make, and although she's choosen fabric, we got a new one in yesterday that I'm trying to talk her into.  You'll be first to know how it turns out!

Finally, over on the Mandors Blog this week, I posted about needles and what they're all meant for as we often have customers ask us if there's really a need to carry 21 different types of machine needle.  Well yes, we do need to and hopefully my post explains why!

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  1. That first print is perfect on your mum and the simple shape of the second dress is perfect to show off that digital print. They both look great! You are so lovely sewing so many things for your mum, I'm not confident enough with my sewing yet!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I love both of them on her. At first I was terrified sewing for her but now it's second nature! All it takes is for that first make to be successful and then you feel soo much better about sewing for others!


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