Thursday, 26 September 2013

Vogue 1298 - Not What You'd Usually See Me Wearing!

I genuinely can't believe it's been over a week since I posted.  So sorry for that.  But it's been a quick week!  I went back to Uni on Tuesday and was hit with the reality of being in my final year.  It feels like only a few weeks ago I started out on my degree course and now I can hardly believe there's only 23 teaching weeks left until I'll have finished!  The second harsh reality is that my dissertation is due on the 9th April 2014.  As far away as that may seem just now, I can assure it's gonna come round fast and most likely floor me.  But just now I'm staying positive and after week one I'm sure that it'll all be fine.  Other than my honours project (as they're calling it, possibly it's just a nicer way of saying dissertation) I have two modules this semester that both seem quite interesting, a marketing one along with my fashion one.  Give me a few weeks and I'm sure we'll see regular blog posting and sewing productivity diminishing, but I'm sure y'all will forgive me for that, yeah?
Anyway back to the sewing.  Today I'm sharing the last of the dresses I made for myself for the Cruise.  Now this isn't a dress I would usually see myself wearing, it's Vogue V1298, one of their Rachel Comey designer patterns.  I'd seen it in the books ages ago and liked it but only got round to buying it at the end of July.  It's all business in the front, party in the back!
I really do love this dress.  I also do seem to say that about every dress I've made recently.  I think this is due to me taking a few more risks and having them turn out better than expected.  And that I've also gotten to know what suits me better.
Now, this dress is bizarre in construction and I basically chucked the instructions out the window and went with what seemed logical to me.  The front and back bodice are all the one piece with no shaping what so ever.  Which is why it doesn't sit properly at my neck, that whole lack of a bust didn't help here.  Then there's those straps which once sewn together look insane and I managed to sew them on the wrong way first time round, unpick them and do it again before it made sense to me.
The skirt was straight forward enough although the dip at the back threw me at first cause I thought I'd just cut it out badly, nope it's actually part of the pattern.  The zip insertation was fine and I hand stitched the two pieces that are beside the zip above the skirt cause I couldn't workout how else they attached to the strap parts, but oh well, it looks ok.
Finally, I hand stitched the knot on the straps and I was good to go!
The fabric I used for this was a cheapie I picked up in the John Lewis sale.  Over the summer I had to pop into uni and John Lewis at Buchanan Galleries is how I walk from uni to the train station so it was only right I had a nosey at their haby.  Whilst their fabrics are nice, they're very pricey at full price.  These two were in the sale.  The top fabric is an Aztec print Chiffon which I underlined with cotton voile.  Nice and light for a summer holiday.  The chiffon was £5 and the voile £3 and I think I used less that 2m of each making this a relatively cheap dress.

As much as I like John Lewis, I do find their haberdashery staff entertaining to watch cutting fabric.  Since it's what I do as my day job, I like to think that I'm pretty competent at the task and sometimes I wonder how John Lewis train their staff.  One lady who cut me fabric measured by rolling the fabric along centimetre by centimetre and putting her nose a centimetre away from the fabric whilst she was cutting it, rather than snipping and ripping as it was a chiffon.  And another time I went in and asked for a fat quarter to be met with a look of sheer bewilderment.  Call me crazy, but I thought that was a pretty standard term in the world of sewing and I politely had to explain to the assistant what it was and that they had a book on it right beside where we were standing.
I really shouldn't moan about such things, but it's easy to understand why we have soo many customers come to us frustrated after being in there.
I'm almost at the end of my holiday makes to share with you.  I've still got mum's two dresses and my dad's shirt to show you.  And I've started some autumnal sewing that I've been wearing that needs to be documented.  Has anyone else made some autumn-y things?  AND what about Halloween?  I really do need to start planning my costume...
p.s. I apologise for the lack of detailed photos in this post,  I don't know what I was thinking.  Oh and hiya sunburn in the ones that are there!

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  1. I think that happens in a lot of big stores. Spotlight here in aus, their staff are always cutting fabric instead of ripping usually resulting in a wavy cutting line which I have to rip when I get home anyway. Last time I was there I asked the girl serving me and she said customers complain when they rip. Never going back. I still have pieces in my stash I cant use that turned out to be way shorter then I asked because of wavy cutting. Like the staff in the little independent shop I go to pointed out, not only is it unnecessary and bad practice it blunts your scissors faster.

    1. We're trained to look at the previous edge and if it's been cut to cut it to ensure that it'll be in line with that. Either way, I always allow a little extra to ensure that no matter how I cut it there is the correct amount of useable fabric. And snipping and ripping takes away all the 'straight line' pressure, as sometimes customers request that we cut it in a straight line and it takes all we have not to say yeah cause today I thought I'd cut it wavy! I also kind of enjoy the horror on some customers faces when you rip it!

  2. Oooh, this is cool! I bought this pattern, thinking it looked awesome, then gave it away after I looked at it and the pattern said right out that there was no way to alter the bodice for fit-- WHAT? It's such a hip and interesting design! Great job, dude!

    1. Thanks! I know, the bodice piece is bizarre! It's a little gape-y on me but who cares, it looks all right! I can imagine how it would fit someone with a much larger bust to waist ratio though!


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