Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Another Colette Laurel

This feels like the hundredth time I've posted a Laurel dress.  There was version 1 - rushed and not well fitting, version 2 - now away to the charity shop, ended up not liking the fabric, version 3 - my favourite and version 4 - still love this one, but need summer to come back to wear it.  There was also the version I made for my mum and I've just made her another one in a lovely wool suiting (you'll hear about it soon enough!).

 This version was made after seeing loads of brocade dresses in the shops.  It's made from a black on black houndstooth brocade I bought back in Canada.  Initially this fabric was going to be a skirt, but when I measured it out I realised I'd bought 1.5m and not only 1m as I had initally thought.  Win.  So a dress it was!  The only other difference in this version to my previous ones, is that I added some side seam pockets.
This post is short and sweet, there's really not much else to say since I've posted about it before.  I really do like the versatility of this pattern though, it always seems to work out well regardless of what fabric I use.  Anyone else have patterns like that?  Ones that are your go to?  Share them here, maybe I should add them to my stash?

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  1. I like your idea of adding pockets to the Laurel. Now if I could only get the fit to work for me...I just completed my second version and the bust darts are still way too high. Might have to give it to my daughter while I ponder whether I can be bothered trying to get this pattern to work for me.

    1. I found the darts ok this pattern, my normal problem is that the darts are too baggy on me and I have to extend them. Sometimes I find that playing with the sides seams work by either letting them our or taking them in. Just a thought in case doing that might help you out?

  2. Lovely! I do love the brocade things in the shops just now. Your version is lovely and really classy.


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