Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas!!

 Hope you guys are all having a lovely day, filled with family, fun, food and festivities!  It's the best day of the year for me, celebrating the birth of Jesus and the beginning of his salvation.
Today I'm definitely rocking handmade with the red dress in the pic above.  Share with me what you're wearing today, I love a good nosey at Christmas outfits, whether it's a pretty party dress or naff Christmas jumper (fyi my Christmas Jumper was worn this morning and was shop bought, no handmade there!).  You can see more details of this dress over on my work blog where I made a version for the shop, the only difference between that version and this is the zip and skirt, but the one over there follows the true pattern, Simplicity 4070.
All that's left to be said is I hope Santa has been good to you and that you've eaten your weight in Christmas dinner and that you have a lovely rest of Christmas and holiday season.  Much love xx

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