Saturday, 14 December 2013

Jackets on Acid - New Look 6231

When I describe this fabric to you, you'll want to throw up.  And I mean that in the nicest possible way.
It's acid green and electric pink mixed with black.
Yeah, you read that right.  Sounds horrible yeah?  But oh no.  Look at it.  It's beautiful and you have no idea how much I'm in love with this fabric.  It was bought whilst I was in London just after my birthday from Borovick Fabrics on Berwick Street.  we had initially visited on the Monday morning and I fell in love with it, and the other colours of it.  Then the guy told me it was a silk tweed and I braced myself for the price, however it was only £35.00/m.  Bargainous for tweed, especially on Berwick Street.  I told the guy that I'd think about it and come back if I still liked it.  Well mum and I then went onto Liberty (that's another story) and kind of distracted, so we never went back.  The next day I was still thinking about that silk tweed so we went back and I splurged on 1.5m.  And in case you haven't got this already, I'm pretty happy I did.
A while ago, when they were on sale for £2.95 each, I'd picked up a few New Look patterns in work including 6231. 
 I loved the peplum jacket, although the largest pattern size was a little small for me but I couldn't resist.  My fellow Mandorette Nicola used this pattern for her Halloween costume and seeing it made it made me want to find the perfect fabric for this pattern.  And my silk tweed fit the bill!
The jacket was fairly uncomplicated to put together.  I added about two inches into the back, which makes the peplum a little wide, but next time (which there certainly will be) I'll add extra extra to that pattern piece and put another pleat in.
The only think I didn't like about the pattern is that it's unlined.  Normally I wouldn't complain but I do prefer my jackets to be lined.  Instead there are from and back facings, including a weird fold line on the peplum that I wasn't too fond of.  Again next time, I'll play with this and see if I can change it about. The buttons on the waist are from work and I think they cost about 25p each and have a slight leather look about them.
I managed to make it up in just a few hours, after cutting it out a couple of days before.  I'm glad I used an interesting pattern for this fabric, I think a plainer pattern would have made it less special.  And another garment type would have been more difficult to wear.  Here I've teamed it with a wee camisole from River Island in the same green shade family and black jeans from M&S.  I really loved this look.
This was just one of a few fabrics I bought whilst in London town, I have many more to share with you, including some lovely Liberty prints and a funny story about the guy who served me in there.  I have a few weeks off uni over the Christmas period so will be sewing like a trooper to get these fabrics made up and worn ASAP!
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  1. Wow, this is so cute! I'm with you-- I really prefer lined jackets. They hang so much smoother and just feel nicer on! This is really lovely, though-- great job!

    1. Thanks :) I suppose I could add some lining as an after thought but I'll wait and see how it wears the next few times!


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