Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hogmanay Party Dress - By Hand London Georgia

There's no need for me to tell you of my love for By Hand London Patterns.  If you haven't worked that out by now then clearly I haven't been going on about it enough!  Having said that, when I first saw the Georgia Dress, I wasn't too sure it was for me.  Then I saw all these amazing versions popping up around the sewing blogosphere and I was converted.  I ordered the pattern and started my search for fabrics.

The initial idea was for this to be an emerald green dress.  I'd tried on a few emerald green items and thought it would be great for Hogmanay.  Then this beautiful royal blue crunchy moss crepe landed in work and my mind was made up.  What can I say, I love me some royal blue!  I promptly bought my 1.4m and got to work.
This pattern is soo good to work with.  I love the shaping in the front cups and princess seamed front.  Initially I based the zip in, however with the thickness of the crepe it didn't sit right.  So, knowing it had a little give in it, I tried it on again having basted the side seams together and omitting the zip altogether.  And it seemed it work fine!  The other alter I made was to slightly taper in the underarm (my usual fix) and also to slightly taper in the bottom of the side seams as it was sticking out a little.  
The bodice is self lined, as per the pattern instructions.  The only change I'd make is to shorten the shoulder straps slightly, as I didn't wear a bra with it.  But fortunately I didn't have any issues in that department!  Ha!  Finally, I finished the dress with the By Hand London and Me tag and I was ready to Party!

Then I got to thinking again.  We were going to a hotel and I might get chilly going down for dinner with such an open dress on.  I clearly needed a jacket to go with!  But I'll keep that for another post!

The Facts
Pattern: By Hand London Georgia Dress
Size Cut: Straight 18
Fabric: 1.4m Polyester Moss Crepe from Mandors at £16.99/m
Notions: Just thread!
Alterations: Tapered in underarm and side seams at the bottom towards the hem.  Omitted the zipper
Notes: Need to raise the straps on my next version!
Wearability: 8/10 - great party dress but I can't imagine I'll get loads of wear out of it.  Someone invite me to a special occasion to give me an excuse?

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  1. Really cute! I want one of these, and have the pattern, but just haven't had the occasion/time. It's way gorgeous on you!

  2. This looks great hazel! The fitted top is a lovely style. I'd like this pattern myself but need to make the Anna up before I can justify buying another one!

  3. The colour really suits you and the dress is really flattering! Looks like you had a fun Hogmanay!

  4. This is lovely on you - Happy New Year!

  5. Lovely Georgia. Perfect colour on you! I still haven't started mine but this is great inspiration :-)


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