Sunday, 26 January 2014

Liberty of London Speckle Saiph

I feel that the posting of this dress is long overdue!  But in all fairness, I didn't finish it until the first week in January, after buying the fabric back when I was in London at the end of November.
It's clearly another Saiph tunic.  Seeing that I've already made two other versions you can assume that I pretty much love this pattern.  However when I bought this fabric I didn't have it in mind as a contender for it.  I'm not really sure when I decided upon making it up as the Saiph, but I'm really glad I did.
The fabric is Liberty of London's Speckle Print Tana Lawn in the turquoise colour option.  It was, of course, bought when we went to Liberty.  I can't remember if I've gushed on here about my love for Liberty?  As far as I can remember, it's been my favorite store.  I love the outside of the building, I love the inside of the building, I love the history and the magic, but most of all I love the 4th floor.  The haberdashery/fabric department isn't huge but it's beautiful and I could walk round and round it all day long.  The day we went in was the first time we'd been to the cafe, where mum and I enjoyed a sweet breakfast of pastries and I had some of their pink lemonade.  It may be the most expensive breakfast I've ever had, but it was certainly worth it and I'd really recommend stopping in at Cafe Liberty after a tiring trip to the haberdashery department!
I also feel that I need to give a shout out to Chow who served me my fabric!  I honestly feel that we were BBFL by the time I left!  He asked loads of questions about what I was making and I was telling him all about the other Liberty makes I had made before with ones from work.  Then that lead to him asking me all about Mandors and he told me he'd come visit us if ever he was in Scotland.  He totally made my morning!  But to be honest, he didn't have to try hard, anyone working in what is pretty much my dream job, having a chat with me about fabric was always gonna make me smile!
I think I'm safe saying that I was rather restrained with my Liberty shopping considering I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.  I bought 1.5m of this print, 1m of another (that's made but still unworn) and a new pin cushion.  There was obviously far more that I could have treated myself to.
Anyway, enough about Liberty, and back to the Saiph tunic.  Based on my two previous versions, I knew that I wanted the length to fall somewhere between the two I'd made before, so I lengthened the bodice pieces by about 3" and the skirt piece by about 1.5".  I say about as I eye-balled it rather than measuring, which is a terrible habit but always works for me!  I suppose when you work with measurements, you just get used to knowing what's what.  I also shortened the sleeves and omitted the facings, opting again for self bias.
I think of the three versions I've made, this is definetly my favourite.  And one last thing about the print.  One of my Christmas presents was the Speckle Print Liberty X Vans classic sneakers!  I've not worn them out the house yet, for fear of messing them but they are awesome!  And I can't wait to wear both items together and be all matchy matchy!

The Facts:
Pattern: Papercut Patterns Saiph Tunic
Size Cut:  XL
Fabric: 1.5m Liberty of London Speckle Print Tana Lawn
Notions: Metal tooth zip and 1 button
Alterations: Lengthened bodice pieces by 3" and skirt piece by 1.5".  Shortened sleeves and omitted facings
Notes: Much prefer this length and will use it as a guide for next time!
Wearability: 9/10 love this version and already planning another, maybe a plain rather than a print?

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  1. How fabulous that you have the matching sneakers!!!

  2. I love Liberty too! It's such a great shop for whiling away a few hours! Did you see the programme about it before Christmas? I loved it! Your Saiph is lovely. The fabric is a good choice.

    1. Yes I did! I loved it. There were signs around the store saying they were filming which was rather exciting!

  3. I love this fabric! The style of dress really suits you & the matching trainers are brilliant!


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