Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Sewing Story.

 It wasn't until I posted my giveaway (don't forget to enter!) at the start of the week and started receiving your comments that I realised how many new sewers might be reading my blog.  No only that, but I also realised that I've never shared my sewing story.  It's not terribly exciting or extra-ordinary but it's how I can to this place and how it's changed my hopes and dreams.  It's something that I often tell customers in work about and I can't quite work out why I've never wrote it here.  So her goes.
I suppose I'm like most people in my generation, that at school we had basic home economics.  I remember making a cushion and plastic bag holder during those classes.  Neither of which would inspire a 12 year old to continue sewing.  Once I entered 3rd year at high school, and I hadn't picked home ec as an option, I never touched a sewing machine again until I was about 19.  It's not that I hadn't been creative during that time, I made jewellery, but I never really understood what sewing was and how it could be useful.
Then when I turned 19, and was taking a year out from university after an unsuccessful attempt at a different degree course, I enrolled in an evening course at one of Glasgow's colleges.  This taught me a lot about the creativity I had and that I could turn it into some interesting.  I'd never been good at art or drawing so figured that I could never be involved in something like clothing design but this began to change my mind.  It was also at this time I was accepted into my current course at university and things started changing.
Whilst I was doing this evening course, I became a regular at Mandors.  Every Wednesday I would head into town, go buy jewellery supplies before heading to Mandors to look at fabrics.  Often I bought small cuts to use as scarves as well as my cuts for bag making.  One day when I was in I saw a sign advertising for staff and thought why not.  I applied and we all know how that turned out!  That was in March 2010.
A few months after I started in Mandors and was surrounded by people talking about dressmaking all day long, I decided it was time to buy on of the sewing patterns and give garment making a try.  I enrolled in a basic dressmaking class, which was cancelled after one day due to lack of interest, and started my first dress.  A simplicity pattern in a jersey fabric.  Which I never finished.  But that first experience taught me one thing: DON'T USE JERSEY UNTIL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!  That's become one of the fundamental things I pass onto our new customers.
My only advantage at this point was that I had a group of experienced sewers around me who enlightened me to my mistake.  They suggested I try something easier and more straight forward, so I did and I've not looked back since!  I can't tell you what that second thing was, obviously it wasn't important but it's what started it all.
Since then, I've done all I can to improve my sewing skills and fabric knowledge.  And I'd like to think I'm doing ok.  I've attended other dressmaking classes, a basic pattern drafting class and ask as many questions of those around me as I can come up with.
So how has this changed my hopes and dreams?  Well it's made me more confident in my own self and ability than I could ever imagine.  It's brought out a creativity in me that I didn't know existed.  It's changed my view of the fashion industry and encouraged me to pursue a career in garment technology, something I would never have considered before.  And all I have is my sewing machine to thank.
I'd like to encourage those who don't think they have it inside them to do a certain thing to surprise themselves and give it a try.  You'll be amazed at the outcomes.  And I'd love to hear your sewing stories!  Share yours on your blog using the image at the bottom and link back here so I can read them!

I'll be working on some posts aimed at beginner sewers, either offering advice on fabric or sewing.  I'll be looking at the ideas you've suggested in the comments of the giveaway post and starting from there.
And finally, thank you readers for being a part of my sewing story.  I long hope it continues.
My Sewing Story - Disaster In A Dress

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  1. Hi! Great story! Really interesting to find out how you got into sewing. And a great idea to ask others to share their stories. I hope others join in! I will to, when I get a chance.

    Also, lovely to meet you on Sat! Will be good to catch up again in Feb.

    1. Was lovely to meet you too! That's what I love about the online sewing community, everyone is soo lovely and it's like we've always known each other!

      I don't know why I didn't think of this before, it's something I'm always asked in work. It'll be nice to hear everyone elses stories! x

  2. I love reading sewing stories! There is so much to inspire us now that wasn't available in the past. I have started & stopped my whole life too. Thank you so much for telling your story!

  3. What a lovely story Hazel. I must say hello to you next time I am through at Glasgow branch of Mandors.



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