Friday, 3 January 2014

Papercut Patterns Saiph Tunic

When I started seeing all the amazing pictures of makes from the new Papercut Patterns Constellation collection, I knew I had to get in on the action.  So back in November, I bought the Saiph Tunic and patiently waited for the pattern to arrive from New Zealand.  First off, let's talk about how amazing it is that Papercut Patterns offer free world wide shipping!  Quite often when I see patterns from American indie pattern companies, I'm put off by the shipping costs coupled by the wait time.  Take one of these away and I'd be happy to suffer the other which is what happened here!  So the pattern arrived and I got to work straight away.

The first version I made was in this cute little bird print polyester I picked up for £8/m in John Lewis.  I kind of thought the price was a mistake as normally John Lewis are much more expensive than this.  It was only 112cm/45" wide which meant I needed extra.  I can't remember how much I actually bought but it was no more than 3 metres which was more than enough to get this pattern out of (and I'm sure I had some left over!).
The pattern was a dream to cut out.  Printed on recycled brown paper, it's much easier to work with than regular tissue patterns.  Of the two options, I made the circle skirted version.  This meant that there were only 4 pattern pieces and of these pieces only one that I really had to think about (the front bodice with french darts).  With so few pieces, it was a quick make and I'm sure I had it done in an afternoon.  My only criticism is the neck facing, it's very narrow and not terribly effect.  I'd recommend either making it wider, lining or using bias tape instead.
I really like this version, however (probably due to my height) I found it quite short.  In these pictures I'm wearing it with black jeggings.  I'd prefer to wearing it with normal leggings as a proper tunic.  So for my second version, I decided I'd extend it to a dress length.  I added about 5 inches to the bottom of the front and back pieces and kept the rest of the construction the same.  The only other alteration was to take the waist in ever so slightly, to allow it to have a little more shape.
This second version is made with wool I picked up at Walthamstow market when I was down in London at the end of November.  It's a lovely weight and was great to work with.  As it's a wool, I lined it with some bright pink viscose from work to make it a little more comfortable.  
After my first version, and neck facing issues, I chose to make bias tape with the wool and use this to finish the neckline.  I like the way this finished off the tunic.  Lately, I've found that self-bias gives a more polished look to garments for not a lot of extra work!
I really like both versions of this tunic.  It's so unusual and quite versatile and I can imagine it being made up for many occasions.  I love Katie's version for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, and I'm actually tempted to make a tartan version now!  However that'll have to wait.  I've got a Liberty of London cotton lawn cut out in this pattern ready to be sewn.

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  1. I love the birdy one, such cute fabric. Papercut patterns are some of my favourite to use, I love the brown paper and little box it all comes in, but I agree that the details like facings and finishings are sometimes a bit off and need fiddling which is a shame.

    1. Thanks Katie, I seen on your blog that you changed the facings as well. I've just made another version, but left it unlined and finished it with bias tape, which is much neater than my first version!

  2. The bird one is really cute. And the fabric was definitely a bargain for John Lewis! I have seen a bird print poly in the Edinburgh shop, and am sure it was dearer, however it may not have been the same one. I do love a bird print! :)

    1. Thanks Helen! Hmm I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same but dearer in Edinburgh, I'm not convinced it was the right price in Glasgow! Ha :)


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