Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Quilting and sew for little ones!

It seems these days I'm doing more sewing for others than ever before.  Sewing for my mum has become a regular occurance, but for other, others, not so much!  But with a couple of new babies around lately it's been easier to make them a little something than to try and find something unusual in the shops!
 Now, I've never been great at taking photos of the quilting projects I've done.  But that's all just changed!  I made this little cot panel for my newest baby cousin who was born two weeks ago.  It's a printed panel from my work and was a pretty straight forward make.  I'm not a quilter in the slightest, so I may be breaking every rule in the book with my methods, but they worked for me.

I layered up the panel with soft & bright wadding (our recommended baby safe go to) and poly-cotton. These formed my quilting layers.  I quilted through using a quilting needle, walking foot and variegated quilting cotton thread.  The walking foot is a god send.  Literally.  There's a clip below demonstrating how it works but basically it feeds the layers through the sewing plate for you to give a neater finish and no pulling.  And the thread is purely for decorative reasons and I thought it was cute.
I thought I had it all figured out with my quilting plan - follow the squares and straight lines.  Then I realised a couple of the owls intersected the straight lines and had to quilt round them,  That's where the fun began!  Look at the feet area, I'm horrified that's how they ended but no way was I unpicking the layers and ruining the top layer.
After quilting together, I trimmed to the size of the panel and 'bagged' the backing.  For babies I much prefer using cuddlesoft fleece rather than polycotton and I've done so here.  To bag the backing, you put right-sides together on the panel and fleece, stitch round the outer sides leaving a gap to pull the quilt through leaving no visible stitches.  Then just hand stitch the gap.
This was a really quick make but looks really effective.  I'm hoping baby likes it!
I also made this new baby a Little Geranium Dress, a free pattern from Made by Rae.  So adorable and again a quick, simple make.  I used fabric from the same collection, Fabric Freedom's Woodland Walk and a cotton poplin for the skirt of the dress.  I'm tempted to buy the older pattern of this dress to make some more versions!  I added the bow to the front for another wee detail :)
I love both of these little gifts.  It's completely different from sewing for adults and there's strange issues that you don't think of and a greater panic about accidentally leaving pins in something!

Next up, on the baby sewing front, I've been asked to make a Christening Robe for a couple at my Church's little girl.  I've just got the fabric and pattern and can't wait to get started.  You'll see the results here soon!

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