Saturday, 11 January 2014

Vogue 8804 as a Christmas Present

I've spoken before about being a selfish seamstress, and this was no more apparent that with my Christmas gift giving.  I made one gift and sewed up some cushion covers for my mum to go with one of the gifts she was giving.  No considering I made 78 items for myself last year, you'd think I'd find the time and effort to make more handmade gifts.  But no, my selfish seamstress self won.

What I did make, was special though.  It was another Vogue 8804 for my Aunt.  Now my Aunt is no ordinary aunt.  Firstly, she's my great aunt, my gran on my mum's side sister, and is now in her 80s. And secondly, she looked after me when I was little instead of me being sent to day care.  So I'm very close to her.  But I always have the same problem with her when any special occasion come around.  She's the type of person who when they see something they like, regardless if it's expensive or cheap, they just go a head and buy it, meaning that she's got pretty much everything!  And I'd never made anything for her really, mostly because I was worried it wouldn't be perfect or that she wouldn't like it.
I thought long and hard about what I'd like to make her.  And, having made this jacket before (version 1/version 2), I knew it was her style and that she'd get good wear of it.  Then came the difficulty of choosing a size for her.  Between my mum and I, and based on the size I made for myself, we agreed on the 20 straight out the packet.  So, unlike my own versions, I made these as intended with all the pattern pieces.  Having made it twice before, the construction was straight forward, my only problem was squeezing the pieces out of the 1.3m remnant I had to work with.  One great thing happened though.  I unconsciously managed to pattern match across the front! WIN!  The only other difference in this version versus my others, is that I used snaps as the front fastening as I wasn't convinced that buttonholes in the loose weave tweed would be successful!  So obviously the buttons are just for show.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of her wearing it, but she did wear when we were away for hogmanay, and looked great in it.  So for demonstration purposes, I popped it on my mannequin and took these.

Finally, I wrapped it in old pattern tissue and 'handmade with love' ribbon, to add to the handmade feel of the gift.

Now based on some of the feedback from the comments in my giveaway post, you'd like to hear more details about alterations, fabrics etc about my makes.  So I'm adding the below to all my make posts.  Hopefully it'll make it clearer what I've done to create garments :)

The Facts
Pattern: Claire Shaeffer Custom Couture Collection - Vogue 8804
Size Cut: Straight 20
Fabric: 1.3m remnant piece of Polyester/Sequin Tweed from Mandors (original cost £19.99/m)
Notions: 5 black faceted buttons from Mandors @ 30p each, snap fastners
Alterations: None, made as intended.  However instead of making button holes in the loose weave tweed, I put snaps in as the fastening and buttons on the outer to make it look as those they were in use.
Notes: As this was a gift, I don't have much to add here.  This section will likely be for me to detail things I've realised through the construction process or wearing
Wearability: /10 again, as this wasn't for me I'll leave it out just now, but normally I'll be rating each garment!

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  1. Love the fabric - and I love the way you wrapped it almost as much as I love the fabric. What a great gift to receive - I'm sure that your great aunt looks wonderful in it.


    1. Thanks Janice, I thought the wrapping was a nice touch, I'd love to receive a gift wrapped in pattern paper!


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